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Discussion in 'TiVo Mini' started by Thespis, Aug 29, 2020.

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    I have a Bolt that's working fine. I also have a Mini that worked fine until this morning. The video on all live channels is macro blocking and pixelated. Streaming from Plex, Netflix and YouTube on the mini work fine. The Bolt is functioning normally.
    I would think it's a network issue, except that streaming is working fine. Any ideas?
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    Do you have more than one mini? If so, they can get into a state where they are unresponsive and causing a denial of service on your network affecting other minis, but won't affect the host TiVo. This happens often to me and in fact happened again last night. If I don't use apps on the minis it usually is less likely to occur and TiVo won't fix the known issue. 4K mini are not affected, only non 4k experience this. I have 4 regular and one 4k mini, if the 4k weren't so expensive I would swap them out.

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    Streaming “tuned” content (live or recorded) requires more bandwidth than streaming video from an Internet service such as Netflix, so a network performance issue would affect TiVo MRS functionality before any Internet service.
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