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    Those were great shows!

    My sister and I had a few minutes of TV glory on Gene London's show in 1966. We sat in a group of kids listening to him tell a story, I think about Quigley Mansion. The experience was bewildering and exhilarating.
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    OK, the Wikipedia says that "Some sources state that the gaming consoles sent to the stations were modified for voice activation.[2] However, a 2008 WPIX station retrospective claimed that for the station's version, an employee in the control room manually hit the fire button when the caller indicated a shot."
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    We had a Romper Room in Phoenix, but the real ticket was The Wallace & Ladmo Show. They showed the old Warner Bros cartoons, and a lot of the humor in their sketches was in the same style, which appealed to a lot of viewers technically out of their demographic.

    The show also hung on a lot later than most kids shows; it ran 1954-1989 with the same hosts.

    I never did win a Ladmo Bag. :(
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    You do remember correctly; there were one-player and two-player versions of that game. There was also another game played once per day IIRC; I can't remember the one with the one-player version, but the two-player game was basketball (where each "POW" either passed or shot the ball). (I vaguely remember another one-player game with simpler graphics - I think a target scrolled vertically, and each "shot" ricocheted off the bottom and top of the screen before getting to the target - but that might have been on the KTXL version, which also had bowling.)

    -- Don
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    Sounds like you missed the PBS show this thread is about, which actually did talk a lot about "Wallace & Ladmo."
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  7. trainman

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    No, none of those were mentioned. "Peppermint Place" was actually syndicated nationwide (but it may well have originated from DFW) -- I've seen it listed in a number of old TV Guides in my collection.

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