Pioneer DVR-810H and +R (DL)

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    I just wanted to share my experience last night with this, as I was searching the forum and couldn't find this info.. The DVR-810H does play burnt +R discs (at least the Maxell brand) as well as the Memorex DVD+R DL discs. I did have one problem with the DL discs, I burned initially with DVD Decrypter (backing up my own, purchased DVD's, of course) and that set the booktype to DVD+R DL and the Pioneer drive wouldn't read it.. So I downloaded ImgBurn which supported my DVD+R DL drive (Dell Vostro 1500.. some weird Samsung unit) and I was able to tell that program to change the booktype to "DVD-ROM" before burning and it played fine. The original backup of the disc was done in ISO MODE in DVD Decrypter to preserve the exact location of the layer break.

    Hope that helps someone, and I apologize if this is old news... it's new to me! :)

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