Pioneer 810h registration and media access key

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    Jan 18, 2012


    hey everyone, just got my first (old) tivo the other day and had a few questions... figured i'd join this forum.

    anyways, the pioneer dvr-810h i bought is hooked up to the internet using a usb to ethernet adapter. works great. i was trying to set up the tivo desktop software, but it needs a Media Access Key (MAK). this doesn't seem to reside in the system information.

    i also was trying to register the box on tivo's website. i believe it was registered by a previous owner, but it let me start to register (they refer to it as "activate a tivo") anyways. it was going fine until i couldn't continue without choosing a service plan and entering credit card info. i called customer service and explained to them that this is an old series 2 dvd unit and that it has tivo basic service. they claimed that if i want to register it online i would have to buy tivo plus service (and then proceeded to ask for my credit card info to sign me up :D), which to me is a bunch of BS. the guy on the phone didn't even know what tivo basic was, so i don't really trust what he told me. any ideas?
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    Nov 12, 2004
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    You don't need to register it to use the basic features. If you want anything more you have to pay.

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