Picture Quality of Leased RCN Premiere vs. Owned Roamio

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  1. Stop the Crashes

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    May 24, 2010


    Yesterday I just started leasing a two tuner Tivo Premiere from RCN in Chicago. I noticed that its picture quality is sharper than the six tuner Roamio I own and that I'm using with an RCN cable card.

    The RCN Premiere settings menu also has a Video Smoothing option that the Roamio menu does not have.

    Has anyone else noticed these things?

    Did they take away the video smoothing option in the Roamio and turn it on by default, thereby reducing picture quality?

    Does splitting the bandwidth for six tuners reduce the quality? (I doubt it.)

    Do newer Premieres have better tuners / faster processors?
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  2. ajwees41

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    May 7, 2006
    there are no new premieres Bolt and Bolt+ are newest Tivo RCN might might have customized software that retail tivos don't
  3. BigJimOutlaw

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    Mar 21, 2004
    Video Smoothing applies to analog video, which the 2-tuner Premiere was the last to support.

    I can't say I've ever noticed a difference between boxes, but it could be a few things like the TV having different settings for each input (TV settings), or the boxes are set to different output resolutions (a Tivo setting).
  4. Stop the Crashes

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    May 24, 2010
    I realize the Roamio is a newer model, but I thought perhaps Tivo has manufactured some Premieres for RCN since then.

    The Tivo software is definitely customized for RCN. Various small differences in the user interface and other differences in the availability of various content providers, as well as supporting RCN On Demand.

    The video inputs are set identically and the Tivo outputs are set identically at 1080i (best my TV can handle) and all of the other picture settings are the same for the two inputs.
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  5. jkovach

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    Feb 17, 2000
    Gilbert, AZ USA


    It's just data, shouldn't make any difference.

    Try transferring a show recorded on one to the other, and vice-versa, and compare those. Then try switching the inputs that each Tivo is connected to. You should find the differences are due to the input being used, not the box. All the box does is pump data to the TV.

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