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    Couldn't find where my original post went so synopsis: Dumped Dish, bought Bolt OTA and after trying various streaming services decided on Philo $20 per month.

    The Philo DVR is barely adequate. I'm actually used to how to ff and rewind, that's not bad. Whats bad is the inability to delete what you've watched and the indicating what you've watched could be much more obvious.

    Someone gave a poppycock explanation that everyone shares the same recording so you can't delete. Poppycock, delete doesn't have to really delete the recording from the cloud, it just has to remove it from MY screen. So give me a filter that says hide already viewed episodes and make the indicator of already viewed MUCH bigger.

    I like the ability to look thru the recorded shows by season. I do like the service, a couple minor improvements and it would be great.
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    I'm using Channels DVR with Philo and OTA. Philo has good support for TVE, so most of the channels are available that way. The Channels DVR behaves much more like my old Tivo days so happy with the combo. Having OTA + Philo in one integrated Guide and DVR library is awesome.

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