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Discussion in 'Developers Corner' started by telemark, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. telemark

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    Nov 12, 2013


    I was asked what was on my TODO list, and I'm sharing in case someone's looking for something todo too. Maybe by discussion, what's popular or important will become apparent.

    I left off things that were very hard to impossible, but can add them back if useful.

    Remote control
    • Remote control that runs in any web browser - sometimes it's the only thing in front of you - done: htmlRemote
    • Network connect a Tivo Remote (bt, rf or ir)
    • Channel selection remapper - switch channels to a better (SD->HD) version after delay. (most markets have different channels for SD/HD or on the Premiere 2, same channel is on OTA and Cable) - done: RemoteMods
    • Switch to favorite channels - fills the live buffers with content more likely to be desired, instead of last channel used - done: RemoteMods
    • Switch to non-existant channels - turns live buffering off, maybe limited hours like overnight or on vacation - done: RemoteMods
    Playback Interoperability
    • XBMC plug in - many can play mpg2 so needs login, selection, and decode via MAK
    • Android streaming - some new hardware can handle the mpg2, but needs selection and decode
    • web browser - control and playback from a desktop browser, may preexist
    • VLC - control and playback from a desktop VLC, may preexist
    • DLNA - preexisting?
      • - control and playback a Tivo from a DLNA streamer
      • - translate a DLNA DMServer into something Tivo will play
    • Move recording tasks from Tivo to SiliconDust for ATSC which has better quality, and frees up a tuner for something else from the TODO list
    • Skew System Clock - some markets all channels are delayed a fixed amount from the clock, align the system clock to the video time by rewriting NTP traffic
    • Fix live events - live events throw off the recording of late night TV...check if PSIP is more accurate and if so, trigger one time recordings
    Network level
    • network tester - debug Moca/Wifi/net reliability, automatically run through series of network tests as a network engineer would when debugging
    • block upgrades - blocking the download URL or SW update resp should block SW updates
    • capture log files while being uploaded - useful for debugging, gathering from network is least work
    Logging / Monitoring
    • Backup logs from drive - those doing log analysis need a storage backend and searchability
    • SNMP stats - gather and redistribute what stats are accessible (any?), useful for those already running monitoring infrastructure
    • Commercial skip - assuming accurate commercial detection (on a PC), feed timing metadata to a playback controller. Would require a scrub API or somewhat accurate skips.
    • CC on 2nd screen - some need CC on, but sometimes obscures important parts of video
    Drive stuff
    • 4TB image
    • Read only/SSD Image
    Roamio support
    • 4TB image done
    Partition Map
    • creator - done: pmtools
    • Linux kernel - almost done
    • tivopart - almost done
    • JMFS Roamio port: partially done, mfslayout works, mfsls does not.
    • Incremental Backups - backup Tivo video to NAS, skipping empty blocks and what's already backed up
    64bit partition maps - Breaks 4TB barrier on single drive
    • viewer - done: pmdmp
    • creator - done
    • Premiere test
    • Hardware RAID
    • 6TB image
  2. wmcbrine

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    Aug 2, 2003
    You might want to elaborate on some (most) of these. For example, "Network connect a Tivo Remote (bt, rf or ir)". You mean, what -- capture the output of the remote, and route it to the TiVo's network remote interface? OK -- why?
  3. telemark

    telemark Active Member

    Nov 12, 2013
    Yes, that's it.

    I'm not saying it'll certainly be popular, but you get to add or redefine behavior / keys in software.

    • Creating a key for Close Captioning, or a sequence of codes
    • Can we create shortcuts to apps?
    • If there are multiple Tivo's in a room, they could share a single BT remote by switching between them
    • Or the opposite, if a single Tivo is driving multiple rooms, a set of distributed IR receivers can be redirected to that box
    • A Tivo remote could trigger off-Tivo behaviors, whatever the computer can trigger, which might be some home or AV system automation
    • Create personally customized skip button (skip 4x, then FF on level 2)
    • Change keypad to 10 favorite channels, for little kids
    • Add Tivo functions to non-Tivo remote, for example, add tuning to Stereo's Remote to listen to cable audio channels. Or Pandora / Spotify?

    Ok, I'll go through and elaborate the others.

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