Person of Interest - S4E06 - “Pretenders” - 10/28/2014

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    Pretenders isn’t a mythology heavy episode. In fact, it’s lighter than a lot of other episodes but I don’t recall the POI writers previously being this meta before.

    Reese’s “Man in the suit” has often been referred to “Batman without a costume and a gun” on the Internet (which isn’t a big surprise considering Jonathan Nolan’s involvement) but this time, it was taken further with the introduction of this episode’s number, Walter the insurance nebbish.

    Walter’s a pretender as is John and the rest of our team are and Walter also affirms their mission by pointing out that crime went up after “the man in the suit” disappeared.

    Sure, Walter’s a fanboy but he’s also a window for us into the POI universe and he figures out “Detective Riley’s secret identity”.

    As it turns out, “the Armorer “ was also a mask. One worn by Dominic to further his agenda to expand his criminal empire.
    However, it looks like it is also leading to an inevitable collision with not only our Bat team but a woken Elias as well.
    (Loved Enrico Colantoni’s performance as well. Don’t forget that Elias wore the “Charlie” mask when we first met him.)

    I did laugh at Walter’s (ahem) “appreciation” for Shaw and at “Not my girlfriend.” “Why Not!?” and at Reese and Shaw looking at the gun in awe.

    Finch’s trip to Hong Kong would appear to be mythology related, I had thought that he originally went to Hong Kong to talk to the Machine but it was all revealed to be a solo mission to install a tracker on business owner’s Beth’s computer because she has some algorithms that interest Samaritan (and I didn’t miss that Greer didn’t know what Samaritan wanted them for either).

    I’ve never seen Finch be this “ends justify the means” before and I find it a little disquieting.
    The other question is that is Finch doing this on his own or at the request of the Machine?
  2. Azlen

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    I'm guessing it was done at the request of the machine and was a result of the "we need to talk" statement at the end of the previous episode.
  3. MikeAndrews

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    Jan 17, 2002
    Wow. I didn't pick up that Finch had targeted Beth from the beginning. I thought she sought him out as we saw and he only decided to track her when she made it clear she that she thought AI should be let to run free like a stallion.
  4. philw1776

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    As yet we don't know. I think it's at The Machine's request although Finch's technical readings might have made him aware of the woman's startup company algorithms and as designer of The Machine he would have unique insight into what might be relevant & useful to an AI.

    POI does several somewhat whimsical episodes a season. This one had a touch. On of the funniest ones to my taste was Reese on a plane last season.
  5. matt@thehickmans

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    The 'nebbish' Walter, i believe, was named for Walter Mitty and his name is there as an easter egg.
  6. logic88

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    Wanted more myth-related stuff in the episode so I'm kinda meh but there were a few good lines in this episode.

    Walter (to John): "How do you do that with your voice?"

    John: "Do what?"

    Walter: "N-Nothing."
  7. philw1776

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    Jan 19, 2002
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    Disappointed that during the episode they never played in the background the 50s song that goes, "They call me the Great Pretender"

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