Person of Interest - S05E02 - "SNAFU" - 05/09/2016

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  1. JYoung

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    Jan 16, 2002
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    After all the running around Team Machine had to do to save the Machine, it’s not surprise that they need some downtime.

    Unfortunately, the Machine’s requires a lot of work to get it back up and running so Finch and Root are pulling all nighters while Reese (and Fusco) are cooling their heels.

    Of course there are bugs and the first one we see is where the Machine’s facial recognition routines, which allows for a humorous sequence where the actors get to play each other’s characters for a bit.

    After a reboot and some “borrowing” of additional processors from an electronics warehouse, Finch thinks the Machine is operational and it promptly spits out over two dozen numbers.

    While Reese and Fusco start checking out the numbers, Finch and Root are running further diagnostics when the Machine concludes that the team are threats (and to be fair, they’ve all done “deviant” things in the past) and goes on the defensive, because it’s lost it’s sense of context, including time context.
    (Hey, can the Machine see into the future?)

    And it starts attacking Root and puts a hit out on Reese.

    However, Finch can’t just use the “Date -s” command to fix things. He has to restore it’s sense of context.

    I thought this was an interesting shades of grey argument that Finch used and he finally uses the case files of the previous people that they’ve helped to show the Machine that they are trying to do good.

    Other things included Reese feeling lonely and wearing the bowling and Root smacking Harold on the behind help round out the episode plus I liked Harold saying he taught the Machine by example just before breaking into that warehouse with Reese.
    What’s up with Finch “seeing” Grace though?
  2. jamesl

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    Jul 12, 2012
    isn't that what it's been doing all this time ?
    isn't that its purpose ?
  3. whoknows55

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    Jun 17, 2001
    Why the heck are they worried about numbers? There is a huge evil machine that wants to destroy them and freedom. While it sucks people might die you've got to weigh the greater good.
  4. madscientist

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    Nov 12, 2003
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    According to Harold, that's how they can tell if the machine is working properly: if it can come up with accurate numbers.
  5. pgogborn

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    Nov 11, 2002


    Also the testing seems to have set up a new big bad - the recruiter of the number whose image was discarded in the bin.
  6. madscientist

    madscientist Deregistered Snoozer

    Nov 12, 2003
    Lexington, MA
    I haven't seen yesterday's show yet (E3), so maybe I'm stupid, but I wondered if that wasn't actually a new set of people controlled by The Machine: it is expanding its army to fight.
  7. verdugan

    verdugan Well-Known Member

    Sep 9, 2003
    Sacramento, CA
    It's a good thing that they kept detailed paper records easily accessible, huh? :p
  8. mattack

    mattack Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2001
    I thought it was cool in the first episode of the season they used PS3s. At first, it seemed like they would avoid mentioning them directly, but they did show them and made some kind of more direct statement.

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