Perry Mason (HBO) season thread **spoilers**

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    Does it strike anyone else that Della Reese Street is almost unchanged from the "Perry Mason" TV show? Same look, same sassy manner, even the same hairdo?

    On the other hand, there's something different about Paul Drake that I just can't quite put my finger on.
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  2. Rob Helmerichs

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    Oct 17, 2000
    I think it's the hair..?
  3. dianebrat

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    Della Street... Street...
    You're overthinking it with parents, they're just doing what everyone does, applying the property to a new timeline and matching things that need to change.
    Wars need to change since WWII is still ahead of them, after all, remember that Mason wasn't a WWII vet in the original stories films since those 6 films were filmed in the late 1930's
    Since the majority of the books have a lack of detail on Mason's life before being a lawyer it's ripe for embellishment, the WWII Navy veteran aspect was an item added in the TV series.

    I have no doubt they approached this is a reboot/reimagining of Perry Mason from the start, I also can't imagine them being remotely interested in Mickey Spillane who is even less in the cultural zeitgeist than Mason is.
  4. Jon J

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    Thank you for finally pointing that out. I had dinner with Barbara Hale when she was on a promo tour for the Perry Mason TV show. Very nice (and attractive) lady.
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  5. ej42137

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    Feb 15, 2014
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    Thanks for that too, that's what I was going for.

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