PBS Myster! Lewis Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things *spoilers*

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    high desert...


    PBS called this episode 4-1, but all other sources called it 5-1. Did they goof, or are they using some altenate numbering scheme? Maybe some "new math" in their schedules?:D

    While most of the episodes of Lewis were logical and made some sense, I just got totally lost with this one. I get why Jud had to be killed ten years ago, but not exactly why the new bunch of murders were being committed today. Maybe I wasn't paying attention, or I just need to see it again, but I was really confused by the character's motivations? Why was Poppy sending out all those accusitory letters?

    Do I need to diagram this?

    Oh, and I guess not smoking isn't working for Hathaway.
  2. taronga

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    Nov 15, 2006
    Mystery! often mixes things up. I believe they showed two seasons back to back one year. I remember back when PBS aired season 3 they stopped at episode 4 "Counter Culture Blues" for no apparent reason and showed it the next year instead. Just odd.

    I was rather confused too. I assume some important plot points went out the window when PBS lopped off 10 minutes to make room for Alan Cumming and commercials.
  3. ADG

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    And has it really been 10 years since his wife died? I thought she was in episodes only a few years ago.
  4. JMikeD

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    Jun 10, 2002
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    Lewis' wife hasn't been seen in the current series. She was occasionally in the Morse shows, but the last one of those was in 2000, and I don't know if she was in that one. So it's been more than 10 years, real time.

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