Pay for install or go for another HR10-250?

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    I posted earlier that my wife wants to pick up a new plasma or LCD for downstairs. I currently have a 10-250 upstairs in my HT room and an HDVR2 in the bedroom. The kitchen has a basic RCA receiver. Here are my options:

    1) Move the RCA to the bedroom and the HDVR2 to the new location. Run another line from the OTA to the new location (with internal HD receiver) so I have OTA HD in addition to the dual tuner Tivo. Pay someone to do this work. I spoke to the guy who installed the 10-250 last August and he said he would do it on the side for $50/hr with all hardware included. Is this price fair?

    2) Try to get another cheap 10-250 for the new location. Go with free install. Perhaps the price I would pay for option #1 install would be comparable to going with a new 10-250 and free install. Is it possible to get another screaming deal on a 10-250 (say no more than $100 after rebates, etc)?

    Thoughts? I need to go with an economical solution and HD downstairs!

  2. Rombaldi

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    Aug 17, 2002
    wait till 3/1 and 'rent' a 10-250 for $5.99/mo, and they install it (If I have heard correctly)

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