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    My tivo is acting up and I am getting partial recordings every once and awhile. Sopranos I only got 3/4 of it last night and ER on 4/3 was only about 90 recorded. Do people think I need to do a clear and delete. I was kind of hoping to wait for two more weeks when shows are on summer hiatus. Let me kow your thoughts


    Why would anyone pay for the H20 when hd subs are soem of the best let them give it to your for free especially when the tivo product is still workign and the MPEG 4 isn't there yet, when it is finally there then you have a better arguement. They will have to give me the H20 for free for me to use it !!!
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    This is a known problem with the 6.3x when the drive is close to full. It does not seem to be deleting old programs to make room for new recordings in some cases. A clear and delete will not help. I've turned off suggestions and deleted all the suggestions that were there.


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