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    If a person is "Grandfathered" in and does not have to lease anything, which I haven't since I became a customer in 1999 and does not have to pay the $4.99 mirror fee, which was waived in 1999 due to a drastic bill error on Direct's part, do these HR20-700's fall into that category just like the other hardware that we have all used in the past? Directv offered me the HR20-700 for $119 last week but they were not giving me a definite answer if I could "own" it. They did give me the HR-10 for only $19, back when people were paying almost $1000 for it and were more than happy to let me own it. Directv has been more than fair with me over the last eight years but I don't like this "lease" thing one bit. If they have customers that are "Grandfathered" in as they put it, don't you think that I can own the HR20-700 as well??
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    We agree on the policy.

    We apparently disagree on the execution, which seems to depend a lot on which CSR activates the replacement receiver, regardless of notes left in the account record. Notes are very useful, but only if they are read.
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    Houston...we have agreement. ;)

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