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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by tazz212, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. tazz212

    tazz212 New Member

    Oct 3, 2007

    Is it possible to output recorded Tivo content to a DVD Recorder as opposed to a VCR? Would I just do the same as I normally would to output to VHS?

  2. gastrof

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    Oct 31, 2003
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    The TiVo has no way of knowing what it's outputting to. You can feed the audio/video signals into a TV/monitor, a recorder, or a salad dish (if it has the right connections :D ).

    Just treat the DVD recorder as if it's a VCR...but make sure to use a disc and not a tape. ;)
  3. Palmyra

    Palmyra New Member

    Jul 7, 2006
    A couple of VERY novice questions if I may? The resulting recording is it full screen or is it smaller? What I'm asking is does the resulting picture fill the screen like it would if I were watching live or via the TIVO?

    How many 1hr shows can you get on a DVD, 1, 2, or 4?

    Thanks for any reply.
  4. javabird

    javabird Well-Known Member

    Oct 12, 2006
    It records what you see on your TV screen. So, for example, if you pause or FF your Tivo, the DVD-R will record the green progress bar you see on your TV screen.

    Basic Quality: 6hrs on DVD
    Medium Quality: 4hrs on DVD
    High Quality: 2hrs on DVD
    Best Quality: 1hr on DVD
  5. Macbeth

    Macbeth New Member

    May 31, 2008
    follow up question i just got verizon fios (but thinking about getting a tivo) with fios dvr can i sent the "out signal" to a dvd recorder? I have a lighton allwright brand dvd recorder and would like to send dvr stored stuff to save to dvd disc
  6. JimSpence

    JimSpence Just hangin'

    Sep 19, 2001
    Binghamton, NY
    I see no reason why you can't.

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