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    Hi all -

    Does anyone know of a DVR that can record OTT (not OTA) streams and provide Commercial Skip as a feature?

    I have a TiVo EDGE with a FIOS Cablecard but the picture quality is not as good as the picture quality I'm getting from the OTT streaming channels apps (like for Roku, NVDIA Shield, etc.) for the networks (NBC, CBS, etc.). The fault doesn't appear to be TiVo's but rather Verizon's due to increasing compression on their broadcast feed (thanks to everyone who responded on my other thread here).

    So I'm looking for a way to record shows from streaming apps, but I love the commercial skip feature that TiVo provides for its recorded shows, and that's the hard feature to replicate.

    The only alternative I know of is the Channels DVR with the Channels Plus add-on that allows recordings through through TV Everywhere login...but even that seems to be limited to the lower quality feeds from network websites (not the higher quality streaming apps that I'm trying to replicate).

    I've looked into Tablo, HD Home Run, Plex, etc. but all those DVR solutions are designed to work with OTA streams via an antenna which doesn't quite fit my use-case.
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    Think channels would have been your best bet. I think the picture quality has been good, but audio wise you're limited to stereo.

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