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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by kumaaz99, Mar 11, 2020.

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    Why is it that in testing signal strength I have some channels that are green and as strong as others and also with the same frequency but there's no reception?
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    They are not on the same frequency. They had changed frequencies and neglected to Tell Tivo. So, data is on the old frequency but the signal is on the new one.

    Would need to report the new frequency (from diagnostics) here: www.tivo.com/setupandsupport/contactsupport/lineup_tool.html

    To check on its progress, login to your tivo.com account.
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    Actually, those bogus channels ARE on the same frequency as some real channel he receives, just added to the bloated TiVo channel lineup with different display channel numbers and channel names. This has become very common with the huge garbage channel lineup lists that Bad_Rovi now produces.

    Here is what is happening: Let's say that the user actually receives a channel 2 that is really being broadcast on digital channel 38 (TiVo incorrectly refers to the digital channel number as the "frequency"). The signal strength meter will correctly show both a strong signal power and a visible picture. Further down the channel list he may find another channel that is set up to broadcast on the same digital channel in a different town maybe 100 miles away - let's say that BOGUS channel in his lineup is shown as channel 20, broadcasting on channel 38. He cannot receive channel 20, but Bad_Rovi insists on putting it in his channel lineup; because, they are too lazy to maintain proper channel lists by viewing area the way old TiVo did.

    When the signal strength meter selects channel 20, it will tune to digital channel 38 and see the same strong signal there (from his local channel 2), but since the PSIP information in that signal does not match the BOGUS TiVo channel 20 lineup info, it will not display any video for that BOGUS channel.
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    To make matters worse, the TiVo software does NOT properly select only real available channels from that bloated channel lineup during box setup! It SAYS it is doing that, but that message is a complete lie.

    For example, I have over 200 channels in my bloated Rad_Rovi lineup, but only 16 of them are really available in this area; during setup, the idiotic software selects only about 3 of the REAL channels and another 20 or so BOGUS channels. Under Bad_Rovi, the unsuspecting owner is expected to understand all of this (with ZERO documentation or help provided by the company), and that same clueless owner must know and select ONLY the correct channels out of that bloated lineup.

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