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  1. John B. GAITHER

    John B. GAITHER New Member

    Aug 11, 2019


    Found the working signal Strength meter that works

    menu>help>Account & System Info>Diagnostics

    You can see real time signal strength and other data. Got tired of pixelated channels. It was time to adjust my antennas. I’ve got them about right. Upgraded one Antenna. Now things are almost perfect. 2 channels I like are weak.

    CBS Signal Strength 50% 20 db
    ABC Signal Strength 40% 16 db- no pic

    I have other CBS & ABC from another city.

    What is the minimum numbers to get dependable without pixelation?

    72% 29 db seems to be the threshold max they want to put up. I have gotten 85%SS 34db. But rest in all my balancing my locations.
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  2. John B. GAITHER

    John B. GAITHER New Member

    Aug 11, 2019
    The lowest number it puts out is
    SS 32 & 13db
    That’s no signal/picture at all

    This morning one of my stations is receiving
    SS 42 & 17 db - has a picture
    SS 35 & 14 db - very pixilated

    combination of Numbers seem to stay close
    85/35 highest I have gotten
    72/29 - common high full signal
    42/17 - good picture
    40/16 - some pixilation
    32/13 - bottom, no reception
  3. tommage1

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    Nov 5, 2008
    I have found that 50% is pretty reliable, 40% about minimum. Thing is with an OTA signal it varies a lot, even while a recording is in progress. So it might be 40%, then a few minutes later 3x%, when it drops below 40% you'd get pixelation. With Roamios and later the best signal it will show will be 72%. It might actually be higher but the Tivo will bring it down to 72%. For me to feel confident a signal is good enough I like to see at least 50%. That way if it varies a bit during a recording it should still be enough to get a good picture. If you see the 72% that is pretty much as good as it gets, if you have Roamio or later version. If you check the signal strength screen you may see greater than 72% for a little while (I've gotten as high as 90s) but the Tivo will bring it down to 72% if you wait a minute or so.

    You can also look at diagnostics screen. It will show corrected and uncorrected errors for each channel currently tuned. The lower the signal strength for a channel the more errors it will show. My weak channels will show many thousands of uncorrected errors.
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  4. sssSMOKING

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    Jan 22, 2020
    Great INFO, thanks!!

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