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    Due to a recent change in my financial situation, I am considering cutting the cord from Brighthouse. I would like to know what kind of OTA reception I can expect where I live.

    I know there are websites that have antenna information but I would like to hear some first hand accounts and reccomendations from others in my area.

    So, does anyone else here with OTA live in Brevard County, FL? Or particularly in central Merritt Island?

    My primary TiVos are two TiVoHD. I also have a Series2 and a Series2DT. I know the Series2 will not be able to get signal directly from an antenna.
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    Head on over to TV Fool and input your location. After that I recommend going to the HDTV>HDTV Technical section of the AVS Forums and as for help there. Lots of smart people willing to help out with OTA questions.

    Just a simple look at your town on TV Fool shows you have strong signals on all broadcast networks to the NW. It will depend on your exact location (trees, bldgs, etc) but might be able to use a good indoor Hi-VHF/UHF combo or a small outdoor one at worst.

    Good luck!
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    Potato and pen.

    Broadcast channels, actually.

    Networks feed channels. Channels broadcast locally.

    Your light was night.
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