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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by bbb3o, Jul 2, 2020.

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    Sep 15, 2011


    Hi fellow TiVo Heads,

    So here is what I'm wondering:
    my OTA Roamio picks up about 150-200 channel signals. Most of these are empty (nothing broadcast), and then another large chunk of them are foreign language, and other stuff I don't need.
    so I have many channels "un-checked" to keep things clean and easy to navigate.
    However; every so often one needs to re-scan channels to pickup new additions and channel changes. (such as now)
    The question: Is there any way to 're-check' (reset) all the channel check boxes en masse, thereby allowing me to go down the list, performing a fresh removal of unwanted channels from a full list of 'all-channels-checked'?
    I thought that repeating the "Repeat Guided Setup" from the "Reset to Defaults" menu might do this (since simply performing a fresh "Antenna Channel Scan" from "Channel Settings" does not), but it doesn't.
    It would be rediculous if I have to manually reactivate (check) every single individual unchecked channel, just so I can see if something has changed on each of those individual channels, one by one.
    Is there something I'm missing? How do I set all of my channels back to a "True Default" of 'all checked'?

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    Press Guide, then A. look down to see "Channels:" options are All, Channels, favorites. 'All' mean all channels, checked or not, shows. Channels means only checked channels will show. Favorites is only show channels with Thumbs up in the channels list.

    Any new channels that come up in future will show in "Channels." You can go through channels while in Live TV. Find any channels not receiving, unwanted? Then Press Select (brings up Mini-Guide), press Left to highlight the channel column, Select, Select on Remove Channel, or Favorite it. Repeat.
  3. bbb3o

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    Sep 15, 2011
    Thanks. Not sure I followed all of that, but I had already just re-added (check marked) all channels in the list manually, and then went through and confirmed all content, and then freshly unchecked the unwanted channels.

    The real problem here is that; if you have 'empty' channels that you have unchecked in your list; and then at some time in the future, a station begins broadcasting on one of those channels, you will never know about it.
    You can 'rescan', you can 'repeat guided setup'. But neither of those things will show you that there is now existing broadcast content on a channel that had previously been empty, if you have that channel 'unchecked'.
    It's a pain.

    Thanks again.
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    Jan 23, 2011
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    Wow, you have up to 200 useless OTA channels! I thought my channels list was bad. I actually sent both an email and paper letter to Tivo asking them to clean up the mess but don't really expect any action. A least I have the chart for my own use. Part of the problem is due to the channel repack that has been shifting frequencies here on the Texas side of the border. Even if Tivo successfully moves a channel to the correct new RF signal they many times leave the old entry in the channels list as well. Then on the Mexican side of the border, about a year ago Mexico changed the virtual channel number of almost every TV station in the country so that the major networks would be on the same virtual channel number in every city. Tivo only updated a few of those. The real problem comes when a channel moves to a frequency that Tivo thinks is already occupied and it can not be received at all.
    I wish Tivo would just drop the Mexican broadcasts. I really doubt there are many Spanish speaking households using an OTA Tivo. I like to flip through their channels once in a while but certainly don't need guide data. I wonder what the situation is on the Canadian border?

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