OS / UI based on Flash good idea?

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by hoyty, Mar 2, 2010.

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    No. Apple wants a web built on Cocoa apps built on Apple's platform using Apple's App Store. Apple could really care less about HTML5.

    Have you noticed that almost every big site makes a dedicated iPhone app rather than using the browser in the iPhone?

    Cocoa is far more closed than Flash.
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    Mar 2, 2010
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    best post ever
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    Apple hasn't demonstrated that. In fact, if someone wants to build a "free app" for the iPhone/itouch all they have to do is build it in HTML, Apple has done nothing to stop this.

    In fact, Apple has also done nothing to build an App store for Macs in any way/shape/form which if the conspiracy is to be believed would have happened by now.

    What Apple wants to do is sell you content, whether that content is an application, a song, video or movie.

    However, you can still rip your own music, movies or tv-shows and put them on the iPhone/iTouch/iPad. You can also find thousands of highly useful free apps for download too.

    Where Apple has chosen to take a stand is in the running of sandboxed apps on their platform and I laud them for doing so. I'll take the "restrictions" and in trade get a rock solid platform that rarely, if ever crashes, doesn't start to slow down until I reboot, or get infected with a virus.

    If that puts me "in jail" then I like being "in jail" since in jail I get great reliability and all of the apps I could ever want.
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    My Cisco AnyConnect VPN client works perfectly fine with 64-bit... Maybe you need to finally upgrade that old obsolete PIX firewall...?
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    Oh and actually, Cisco's normal VPN client version 5.0.7 works with Windows 7 64-bit too. ;)
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    256K is all you will ever need anyway... ;)

    Home computers will never be more than a niche market... ;)

    The vision of SOME people. Guess who?

    (My quotes might just be a little off)

    Closed architecture is self limiting. Flash will help TiVo be more open and easier for others to add apps to and help expand TiVo offerings.
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    +1 :up:

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