Orange Is the New Black -- Season 7 -- spoilers

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  1. Mikeguy

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    Jul 28, 2005


    I was surprised that there's no thread started, yet, for this last season of Orange Is the New Black.

    I'm in the middle of the season and I'm finding that I need to take breaks--I'm finding various of the storylines very affecting. I'm especially finding the ICE stories hard to take--kudos to the writers for their craftsmanship.
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  2. Azlen

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    Nov 24, 2002
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    It's difficult to comment on the season without getting too political. The stuff with the kids alone in court seems to far out to be real but it's actually happening.
  3. sushikitten


    Jan 27, 2005
    Nothing else?!

    I just finished this today.

    I liked how storylines were getting wrapped up and I know they can't all be perfect, but I hated to see the warden change at the end and I wanted Piper to be with Zendra but that whole spiel by Larry was spot on and I knew she'd end up with Alex.

    Poor Red. Poor Nichols (but loved that she's turning into the new Red/prison mom). I loved Susanne's memorial to P-tucky and singing the Mountain Dew commercial.

    I'm glad Piper reconciled with her dad. I'm glad Taystee stuck around.

    Lots more thoughts but those are the highlights.

    One question: who was the guy with the toddler at the end?

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