Optimum states they no longer support Tivo

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by XChris, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. driverseven

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    Years ago, this forum had active ongoing threads about how to deal with the different cable providers. That was in the early days of cable cards. Now that we are in the sunset days of cable cards, it would be good if this forum started to become a good way to share information on the topic.

    I know Tivo's days are numbered but I love it and I'll do my part to help keep them going. I even bought the 4K Stream and like it. I got it to have a better streaming solution and while it's not perfect, it is pretty good. And it made it possible to watch OTA channels over the Internet while we were without cable. Much better, IMO then Roku.
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    Jun 26, 2007
    I had been a tivo subscriber since version 1 circa 2001. I have 2 tivos and 4 minis unplugged an in the closet.. It all came crashing down in September of 2020 when my tivo bolt died and had to get a replacement. Optimum would not pair the cable card with my new edge. I had techs come to the house and also went through the 3way tech call hell. Never got it going. I ended up cancelling optimum cable and also had to abandon Tivo. I am now a cord cutter with a couple with Android TVs and an Nvidia shield plus You Tube Tv. Let me be honest. It blows. I hate it. The classic Tivo config is so much better than all of this disjointed crap. The only thing that was nice was that I was able to set it all up in 5 minutes. No 2 hour calls with optimum. Also, cord cutting really isn't much cheaper with youtube tv, so not really saving much money. It's amazing to me that the best product failed.
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    Sad situation. I'm sorry to hear you couldn't get it going.

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