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    Optimum raises prices on internet and TV plans, barely warning customers — The Verge

    Optimum hiked the prices of its internet and TV plans this month, and many customers have been finding out thanks to the arrival of surprisingly high bills.

    TV packages jumped up as much as $30 per month, according to Consumer Reports. Internet prices are going up as well, with the basic “Optimum Online” service jumping up at least $25 per month.

    Existing subscribers won’t see such dramatic hikes. A spokesperson for Altice, which runs Optimum, tells The Verge that existing subscribers’ monthly bills will rise by no more than $14.50 per month, regardless of what’s in their package. The much higher rates are only being given to new customers.

    Optimum did inform customers that the rate hike was coming, but it was easy to miss. The warning was tucked within subscribers’ monthly bill for January, under the heading “Optimum Updates” and prefaced by a message about how the company is trying to provide “the most advanced services and entertainment in the nation.” And customers may not have looked at their bill at all — if you opt to receive digital statements, you have to go out of your way to download and view the PDF bill with the message in it.

    (I’m an existing customer and I’m only getting a small increase)
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    Got my bill this month from Altice/Suddenlink and the price had increased just under $10. ($147 to $157 for Cable, Internet and Phone)
    This was also in a new bill format so comparing this and last months bills makes it close to impossible to figure where the increase is...

    Its not that bad, just seems like they are trying to hide what the increase was for...
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    Another increase is coming. I got notice in my bill that the Optimum Silver package is being discontinued and replaced with something that doesn't include premimum channels. Since they are so nice though they will charge you a la carte for the next 12 months as a price similar to what the silver package was.

    brief message here: Optimum | TV Channel Lineups

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