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    I am sure there are plenty of Dude's name Ben and Dudet's name Bernadette that could easily put together apps for the TiVo that would greatly expand the library and make the TiVo brand more popular as an all-in-one device If a SDK was made for users to download for free. They could be developing these apps for the third party companies that seem to be lacking from TiVo itself. A special software could be pushed to the user's device which would allow them to test apps. With the apps being developed they can be submitted/uploaded to corporate to confirm compliance and it works before pushing out. The cost would probably be next to nothing as most TiVo loyalists just want the brand to move forward and it would help the company out tremendously. This is my soapbox for the day.
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    What's funny is this already exists: Vewd. Used to be called Opera TV.
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    May 22, 2020
    Most of the apps that people have been clamoring for (things like CBS All Access, Apple TV+, etc.) not only require access to any TiVo SDK, but also require access to the SDKs from the content owners of those services, none of which seem likely be to willing to grant access to the internals of their service(s). Only companies with deep pockets would likely be able to sign the NDAs, and post the bonds needed to insure protection of those assets (i.e. individuals are not going to qualify unless they are independently wealthy and have a few hundreds of millions of dollars of assets). If your company can provide those kind of services to (say) CBS for free, including long term commit of support, you should contact CBS immediately to start that contractual relationship.
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