Online TV Listings Guide not working.

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by Captainbob, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Captainbob

    Captainbob Member

    Sep 1, 2014
    Atlanta, GA


    When I go to the online TV Listings guide, all I get is the header of the Guide with the date and time and channel Header. There are no channels that show up at all. This only happens on OTA local channels. Anyone else having this problem?
  2. toddk63

    toddk63 New Member

    Jul 29, 2014
    Yes...exact same problem here. Have you resolved it yet? Mine is a TiVo HD DVR

    I have been working with TiVo support. They have had me try clearing cache, Chrome Incognito Mode, repeating guided setup with different zipcode then usual zipcode again. No joy.

    I can see the OTA TV Listings Guide for my zipcode IF I am NOT logged in to my account, but once I log in I only get the headers as you describe. "Jump to Channel" shows all the correct OTA channels but does nothing when you click on one.

    This WAS working for a few months for me when I registered my TiVo HD Last September. It appears I noticed the problem in February of this year, though I may have not used the online feature for a month or more before I noticed the problem.

    Hope you can help me. I really want to be able to set recordings at my desk at work on my lunch break.

    Todd K.
  3. hybucket

    hybucket Member

    Nov 26, 2004
    I know this thread is years old, but I am having a similar problem.
    With the site, I am not getting any guide listing for either of my 2 TiVOs. If I log out, I get the guide. I just get the headers for the page when I log in and go to the guide page. Any solution out there for the problem before try calling them? It has worked fine previously.
  4. randywalters

    randywalters AVS Old Timer

    Oct 21, 2003
    El Segundo,...
    I'm had the same problem this morning (Sat 4/14/18). I was trying to set up a few recordings from my PC for my Roamio Pro and my Premiere and the Guide area is blank for both DVRs. Then my Premiere disappeared leaving just my Roamio showing. And when i went to My Shows on my Roamio it said i didn't have any shows and that kinda scared me. I ran upstairs and checked it directly and all my shows are there so it's an online issue.
  5. tlc

    tlc Active Member

    May 29, 2002


    I can't copy one passes to another tivo via the drag and drop.
  6. JoeKustra

    JoeKustra in the other Alabama TCF Club

    Dec 7, 2012
    Ashland, PA...
    Looks like some changes to TiVo Online.

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