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    I have been using the service but have had a problem and was wondering if anyone else might have had the problem.

    When I am watching in home or out of home, the stream will play but the stream will go fine for 2 seconds and then there will be a small 'hitch' in the video (not audio) where the video pauses. It's almost unnoticeable but that small pause is enough to annoy.

    It does it on Chrome or IE. I have 50/5 internet and a great ASUS router. I also have right clicked on the video and made sure that the flash settings were set to unlimited. Still have the problem.

    Any ideas of a router setting or alike that I might want to look at to try and correct this? thanks for your comments!
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    I see the same thing from CC. It only takes a few minutes to test. I'll check the TiVo site today. Here's the site I use:

    I just tried to stream a few shows from my TiVo's My Shows list. Some would not stream, others just took me to the network's site, like TNT. If all this does is a redirection, then you might go directly to the program's web site and test there.

    My laptop is an older Toshiba with Win 7. It can't do 1080 or 720 very well. You only need 20Mbps at most to stream TV video. On my Dell 3647 using Win 8.1 and an HDMI monitor I couldn't detect any problems. I do see that one second video skip without any audio skip when watching The Daily Show.
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