Ongoing Bolt Picture/Sound problems

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    Hi everybody--here's my story:

    I've had a Tivo Bolt for a couple of years. This year, we began to experience intermittent picture problems (pixelations, bars going across the screen, etc.) sometimes with sound cuts and sometimes without. When I go to diagnostic screen I sometimes see RS uncorrected values increasing but other times it remains at 0 despite notable picture issues. I've also noted that the signal strength drop signficanty at times when these picture problems occur (observed on the diagnostic screen). This problem occurs on several (but not all channels) and is captured in recordings from live TV as well but does not occur when streaming (Netlfix, amazon, etc.) via the Tivo. Here is everything that has been done so far to try to fix this problem:

    Cable company has been out several times--they have replaced the drop, replaced/reduced splitters, replaced coax from drop to tivo unit and ordered the "maintainence team out several times (I have no way of knowing if they came out and/or what they may have done). I've also gotten new CableCard and new tuning adapter with all new coax/cables that connect those to the tivo and each other. I've tried adding/removing splitters/attenuators to see if signal strength was too high (or too low) but it doesn't seem to matter. Strength is in the 80-90% range (depending on channel) and SNR is between 33-37.

    Tivo Box was replaced after all of those steps failed to fix the problem but the issue continues.

    Does anybody have any suggestions of what else can be done?

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