Ongoing Audio Drop-out/mute Problem

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    I have seen the audio dropout problem reported repeatedly in several threads for over a year (including Roamio and Bolt threads). I have seen no actual fix posted or reported. My apologies in advance of this rant if the problem has actually been solved and I have missed it.

    Here are my comments related to the potential cause(s) of the problem:
    1. It can't be related to a bad HDMI cable or a weak cable, the video would get hit also.
    2. It can't be related to a weak cable or OTA signal. The video would get trashed also.
    3. The problem is not confined to the HDMI output. I also use the analog audio from the Roamio, and it gets hit too! I also noted that somebody is using the optical output, and it mutes also. Admittedly this could be caused also by faulty HDMI handshaking, but internal to the TiVo, not TV.
    4. It is not limited to the use of an “intermediate” device between the TiVo and TV (AVR). Many people have reported their direct-to-TV connection has the same problem.
    5. There may well be some incorrect or spurious data contained in the Source material that is causing the TiVo to lose audio. But since the cable tuners can handle the signal without ill effect, why shouldn’t the TiVo circuits?

    TiVo Article ID #1087 offers several band-aid type “solutions” that do not solve the core problem:
    1. Older HDTVs will not have SW updates available, and if all other HD sources have no problem with that TV’s HDMI input, then neither should the TiVo. Therefore the TiVo unit has the problem, not the TV.
    2. Turn off TiVo sounds? This is clearly a TIVO problem, and is not a permanent fix.
    3. Change from Dolby to PCM?! I want Dolby 5.1, not PCM stereo! Again, a TIVO problem, not a fix.
    4. Re-sync HDCP? I don’t have to do this with other HDMI sources. And again, this is not a permanent fix.
    5. Turn off CEC? Methinks TiVo is grasping at straws (look it up). Maybe one in a thousand devices might be glitching out a CEC command that happens to mute the audio.

    These various suggestions made by TiVo do not fix the problem, even though they might reset it temporarily. TiVo should apply itself to a REAL fix that will make the problem go away for good. If it is not solvable with a FW upgrade, then TiVo should admit this. If this is a design problem with the hardware, TIVO should either just decline to service it, or take the high road and offer to repair it (ala Onkyo’s recent recall).
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    Jan 7, 2016
    Or maybe than can do what they did when they couldn't get recording multiple programs from 1 tuner channel to work - just drop Audio out of the firmware :cool:

    We'll always have Closed Captions!

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