OnePass and the loss of multiple SP for same show

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by csell, Feb 4, 2015.

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    As soon as one episode from the 1P is recorded! What sucks is I would of caught it, but TBS had a marathon with Big Bang and USA had one with Modern Family this weekend. If you did not get 1p yet, modify your season passes for new episodes now.
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    Not true. I get NEW episodes of Nova on one of several PBS stations, for example. Yes, they _usually_ show up first on one of them, but can be caught later if there were conflicts for example.
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    I have the same complaint. I've been using the wishlist option but find it unsatisfactory. Tivo needs to add the option to have multiple OnePasses for the same show.
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    The OP in this thread has the exact same issue as the OP here, but that OP specifically asked for TiVo’s business rationale, which I explain in this post in that thread.

    Meanwhile, in this thread, I will offer a workaround – which I doubt most folks will like, but this is a workaround thread, and this is definitely that – for something has been often mentioned here but most recently, today, in that other thread:

    If you want to avoid duplicate recording in a 1P folder and a wish list folder, note that it has always been possible to set up single channel SPs and manual recordings on channels not in the received channel list, and although I haven’t verified that this behavior still holds with 1Ps – I leave that experiment to others here, because I have no need to do this myself at the moment – there is no reason to think this behavior has changed with 1P.

    So you could set up a single channel 1P or manual recording, then delete that channel from your received channel list, then set up a wish list for the same program, and the 1P or manual recording should continue to record the show on the “not received” channel, while the wish list will only pick up the show on received channels. You will still have two folders, but the contents will not overlap.

    Note that the sequencing is important here. If you already have a wish list you must turn off auto recording and then turn it on again AFTER the channel is removed from the received list in order to clear already scheduled recordings on that channel from the to do list. Also, there is a time lag between changes in the channel list and visibility for programming new recordings, so best to leave some time after channel list changes before enabling recording on wish lists.

    I realize this is an ugly workaround – I said most folks probably wouldn’t like it – but you can still look at channels you don’t receive by enabling all channels in the channel guide, so I put this out there for anyone who may find it useful.

    - - -

    Finally, in answer to a question raised in this thread:

    Because the pass manager screen in the “Classic” UI – TiVo’s name for “SD” menus on the “System Information” screen – still says “Season Pass Manager” at the top, because the Classic UI cannot display streaming links. But despite retaining the old name, the underlying data structures are the same, and so you cannot use the Classic UI to create for than one SP/1P for the same program.

    You can, however, still enable recording “Everything” through the Classic UI, and the New UI will recognize and display that choice in the 1P manager. And I can assure you that “Everything” not only works with 1P on Premieres, but it works more reliably than before because a bug in that functionality has now, at long last, been fixed.

    Ironic, eh? :rolleyes:
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