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    Mar 18, 2014


    I am a college football nut. I currently have a TiVo Roamio Plus with Verizon FiOS.

    In years past, I had my TiVO scheduled to record college football games on 2-3 different TV channels all at noon on Saturdays. So in the past, I was setting up 2-3 different recordings.

    Unfortunately, this year, I can't seem to be able to do that with One Pass. One Pass seems to want me to select just one channel OR select all channels where "College Football" games are on TV.

    For example, I want programs selected "College Football" on the SEC Network, ESPN and ESPN2 to record today at noon. But, One Pass seems to be telling me that I can select to record "College Football" on one of those channels...or I must select "College Football" programs for ALL channels....and I can't determine which specific channels will go ahead of others in terms of importance.

    Does that make sense? Sorry, it is confusing.

    Maybe I am One Pass stupid and am not doing something correct
  2. trip1eX

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    off the top of my head:

    Go into the To Do list and cancel the games you don't want it to record. That's the only way to guarantee it won't prioritize games you don't want over those that you do.

    You also may be able to use the wishlist feature and a specific channel # to record only games on a specific channel.
  3. Jonathan_S

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    You're not stupid. When TiVo switched from Season Passes to One Passes they removed the ability to set multiple passes for the same show. While they added some streaming integration the One Passes are just less flexible than Season Passes when dealing with local recordings because of that change.

    So as you found you're now stuck with picking a single channel or setting it to all channels. And if you set to all channels you've got no control over which channels get prioritized (except for the extreme option of removing a channel from your channels list - that'll stop a One Pass from trying to record from it)

    In addition to trip1eX's idea you could also explore using wishlists. They have the same issue of attempting to record on all channels, but you could narrow them down by putting in the teams you wanted to watch, and you can create multiple wishlists so you could prioritize your teams in preferred order. (This wouldn't help if the same game was aired on multiple channels; you still wouldn't have control over which channel the wishlist picked up. And it wouldn't help if the guide data for some reason didn't include the team information)

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