Once in a lifetime PLS transfer coming back?

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    The first lifetime promo, they couldn't really track them. You could order a new Bolt over the phone without the promo code, or use a promo code in the email (one per qualifying TiVo, but they never said which was which). In the end, they would have had to manually go through every order and figure out which TiVos were ordered through the promos and look up the accounts by hand. I guess they figure it was too much work - they tried to offer a webpage to which you could choose which units to deactivate, but even those seemed to be bugged - tivos not showing, etc.

    I'm guessing that's why it's still active - the later promos they used the TSN as the promo code which tells them which TiVos need deactivating. And likely the phone in orders are the same. So the people who jumped on the offer the first time around are lucky TiVo screwed up. And it's likely to not change given the recent layoffs and other things.
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    Some of the people who jumped....
    Not all S2 Tivos from the first promotion were that lucky, many were deactivated.
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    My order was completed over the phone by the 3rd CSR I had talked to in 3 days, on the last day of the offer, as using the TSN for my box, didn't work for online ordering. I tend to agree, Worf, that unless Tivo spends the money to go through the orders by hand, my S2 will likely never get deactivated.
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