On The Lot 8/21

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    Well, he was in the audience at the beginning of the show. He shook Will's hand on the way in.

    Was anyone else bugged by how they simulated a red carpet environment inside the sound stage? I thought that was pretty lame.
  2. TAsunder

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    Wow, that makes it worse. If he hadn't been there, at least they could have claimed he was in the hospital getting a kidney transplant or something.
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    It was definitely not live. Believe it or not Jason lives 7 houses west of mine on the same street in Winchester, KY. He and all his supporters were gathered at the church just down the block for the announcement. Initially I heard yelling and hollering in the air like Jesus was being baptized. At the announcement I heard crickets in the field across from our block where the church is located

    What was misleading was that FOX used the bug on their screen that they use for live broadcasts (the one that says just 'FOX') Typically pre-recorded content uses your local FOX affiliate station bug.
  4. That Don Guy

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    I'm pretty sure it was the "steps have been taken to prevent 'power voting' and the producers have the right to disqualify these votes" message that appears on all of the other dial-a-winner shows like American Idol.

    -- Don

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