Olympics to Plex - have I moentined how much I love KMTTG?

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    Oct 31, 2007
    My daughter is in college and asked if I could throw the Olympics on Plex so she can watch it when she has time.

    So, I go over to KMTTG and put the Olympics prime time in the auto extract section and let it run. Well, I noticed the file was being extracted, but it wasn’t showing up on Plex.

    After a little research, I notice - right! Live sporting event means no Season or Episode number. Well, I can throw it down as a “personal video” or movie, but that isn’t cool or convientl. So, KMTTG to the rescue!

    My normal naming tv show is: [mainTitle][/][mainTitle] [SeriesEpNumber] - [episodeTitle]

    I needed to create custom series and episode number, so...

    [mainTitle][/][mainTitle] [“S01E”][mday] - [episodeTitle]

    Bam! Use the day number as my episode incrementor. Sure, it started at 11, but that doesn’t hurt anything!

    Awesome, and more than a little fun figuring it out...


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