Old RCA HD DirecTV Plus ?

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    Dec 13, 2005


    I was cleaning out my desk today and ran across an old brochure for the RCA HDTV DirecTV Plus setup. I remember seeing one of these at BestBuy many years ago. It was about twice as tall as a regular DirecTV box and used an oval dish with two seperate LNBs (not three-in-one like the Phase III). The box itself had SVideo and VGA outputs, but it doesn't seem to have component or DVI. It also only has one satellite connector, so a mulitswitch must have been required in order to talk to both LNBs.

    Does anyone else remember "DirecTV Plus"? Which two satellites was that dish for? Was this the HD setup before DirecTV started offering more local programming?
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    That dish is the older style multisat dish. It had a multiswitch attached to the back of the dish. That dish was used for 101 and 119. Are you sure it had HD? Without at least component it was probably just capable of receiving multiple sats. I believe that was the original term used for multisat capable receivers. Back in the day, 119 was used for other SD programming. NASA was on 119.
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    I still have my original RCA DTC-100 working as good as the day I bought it. It was also known as the "DirecTV Plus HDTV Receiver." Has VGA output but no component outputs.

    Came in a package with an 18x24 oval dish with 101 and 119 LNBs with a space in between.

    I am still using that dish, having added a 110 LNB since.

    It receives DirecTV, digital OTA (HD), analog OTA and analog cable.

    I believe this is the most stable, most reliable HD receiver I have ever owned. Unfortunately, it lacks some modern features that make it less user-friendly than newer models. But oh what a picture!

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