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    Jan 25, 2007


    I saw on DTV website that there are cheap movies to download. When I try to schedule I get a message of non compatible equipment. I have an RCA 80
    Called DTV and was told it works only for the new DVR's. Don't know if I believe them , so I am asking all of you.
    I got a protracted sales pitch for their new system which they would set me up for "free"/ It wouldnt be free as I would have to swap out all my TV's as they are very old.

    I'm still waiting for the new DVR's with TIVO. Is it ever going to happen?

    Thank You
  2. John T Smith

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    Jun 17, 2004
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    The DirecTV Video on Demand is through an Ethernet connection, which your DTiVo doesn't support. The HR2x series do support this.

    The new DTiVos? Two years late already - I see more and more people deciding it's not worth holding out and being delighted with the new HR24. My advice would be to do the same.

    You will need at least one HDTV set before DirecTV will let you get an HD-compatible DVR, but it is worth it.
  4. shibby191

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    Dec 24, 2007
    On Demand only works with the newer receivers. The old DirecTivo's like yours do not support it (remember, even the newest one is over 5 yrs old).

    There are a couple large threads on the possible new HD DirecTivo. Bottom line is it's been delayed a few times already and 2011 is looking more like the next delay.
  5. bearbig

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    Jan 25, 2007


    Thanks. That " sticks a fork" in it as all we can get now is dial up ! We are in a grey zone close to a big ( for VT ) city but in a sparsly populated area. I don't forsee us geting hi speed internet for quite a while.

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