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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by funtoupgrade, Apr 14, 2011.

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    Have been off the forum for about 3-4 years since I quit upgrading Tivos. One of my personal units, Humax drt-800, with a 650GB hard drive all of a sudden flaked out and stuck on powering starting up. Unfortunately, I have lost all my paperwork on the Linux commands necessary to format a new hard drive. I still have the old software on CD, but have totally forgotten the necessary commands. I did manage to run the Seagate tools on the bad drive and apparently none of the data sectors are affected, so I am wondering if it might be possible to copy the bad drive and get the recorded programs back onto a new drive. I need someone to point me to a link that has all those old directions/commands to use my old software. I also still have all my old images so just need some refreshing on what to do. Even if I cannot get my programs back I still need to format a new large drive. I remember from my previous times on this forum that most folks will give me the "search the forum" answer but after all these years I'm not even sure what to search for so I need someone to point the way.
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    Best to ask in the Upgrade Center. A lot will depend on what you used to create the images. mfslive.org has lots of useful information.
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    I hear mfslive.org is pretty helpful.
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    If you want to make a bit for bit copy, dd_rescue on the MFS Live CD v1.4 will do it.

    If there's nothing wrong with the TiVo except the hard drive and the Seagate utility didn't find anything wrong, then perhaps you need to research the "kickstart" codes to see if you can get the TiVo to fix itself.

    Then you need a big chunk of hard drive space (preferably an NT partition) on a computer running the free version of Tivo Desktop to copy off all of your recordings before it goes bad again.

    Find out exactly what's on that Cd you mentioned. If it will boot a computer it might be an older version of MFS Live or it might be the PTVupgrade (now DVRupgrade) disk (which is getting a little long in the tooth).

    Let us know what you've got, that way we'll know what you used to make those backups, and can further advise you better.

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