Oh No He Din't! (Mark Halperin)

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    I would post a video link here, but it's all over the net. I rarely watch Morning Joe, but it was on in the background this morning. They were being very cavalier about the 7-second delay function that live broadcasters depend on for just such slipups. As the barbie and ken hosts goaded him on, Halperin was asked about his take on the President's new conference. He said, and I quote: "I thought he was kind of a d**k yesterday." Frequent Daily Show viewers should be able to translate that.

    As it happens, they missed the delay and it went out live. I know he was trying to be clever and funny, but isn't Halperin a big supporter of the Administration? I don't see him getting invited to the White House soon after this.

    One thing I learned in my first year as a broadcaster is that you never say anything while miked that you don't want to be heard by a lot of people.

    I would guess that Halperin learned that lesson well today.
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