Oh man...So confused, with simple problems I'm sure

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by tazz212, Oct 3, 2007.

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    Oct 3, 2007


    Hah...I'm hammering this help thread! Thanks for the help though...I have a few more issues.

    I've decided to ditch the Digital Cable Box (lack of an IR Emitter, but I might pick one up)

    So, I've got my basic coaxial cable hooked up to my TV.

    I've now got a big message on the bottom of my screen saying, "Searching for signal on: Basic Cable In. Switch tuners for more info."

    Well...How do I get it off there? How do I switch tuners? If I press the Live TV button, I just get the same message...It's driving me slightly nuts.

    Also...With using basic cable am I able to do either of the following (I do have a dual tuner model);
    1) Watch on TV show and record another.
    2) Record 2 TV shows.
    3) (out on a limb here) Record 2 TV shows and watch a third?

    Also...One more question! How do I jump back and forth between channels? For example, if I press 0-6 on my remote and I want to jump back to the previous channel, how do I do it?

    Thanks a lot!! I appreciate all the help...I'm having so much difficulty with this whole set up.
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    You'll probably want to hook that up to your tivo.

    It sounds like you don't have video input to the tivo at all now. So, yep. Plug the cable from the wall into tivo's RF in, and then tivo's RF output to the tv's input.

    1. Yes, you have two tuners, or one tuner and Now Playing.
    2. Yes, you have two tuners.
    3. Yes, you have two tuners and Now Playing or Standby Mode.

    Press the "Last" or "Live TV" button on the remote.
  3. WayneCarter

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    Mar 16, 2003
    Did you tell Guided Setup you were using a Digital Cable box? If so, did you rerun Guided Setup again to tell it you are now using Basic Cable?

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