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Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by tunnelengineer, Sep 14, 2006.

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    rgura RobGTX

    Feb 20, 2005
    Austin, TX


    I had been successfully using a TiVo Series 3 with 2 cable cards for nearly 1 year, but then I made the mistake of selling my house and buying another.

    Initially I brought all my gear from the old house to the new house, plugged it in and waited. On the day of installation, the contract-installer (not a TWC employee) turned something on at the street and magically the S3 worked without issues. However he then stated that he needed to unpair and pair the cable cards to get them over to my account. Alas things stopped working. We experienced some success and some failure, until ultimately I sent him home.

    Working through TWC technical support, we were able to get most everything working with the exception of channel 818 (Adult Alternative Music) and 1521 (CBS Affiliate). If it were up to me, I would have left well enough alone and called it mostly working, however it just so happens that my wife likes listening to 818 all day long and watches Days of our Life on 1521.

    On Tuesday August 7, 2007 I called TWC Technical Support, they attempted the standard “send a signal” and “unpair and pair” troubleshooting techniques to no avail. My to my surprise, they had opening for installers from 7am-10am the following day. Fortunately I work from home so waiting on the cable guy is not that bad for me.

    The cable guy called around 9:00 AM and arrived promptly at 9:15 AM. The installed seemed very knowledgeable however he stated that he “does not see CableCards all that often”. I showed him the problems and he proceeded through a very rigorous troubleshooting process checking the signal strength with his meter, at the wall, at the OnQ panel, etc. He also had a standard Scientific Atlanta HD cable box, which oddly seemed to work w/o problems. He then proceeded outside checking the signal strength at the house and at the street.

    Eventually he found signal loss somewhere between the house and the street.

    While he took about 2 hours, he never gave up and ultimately his persistence paid off.

    I am very happy with Time Warner Austin today and everything that I want is indeed working through my beloved TiVo S3.

    Here is my advice to S3 owners or those planning a purchase:
    • Plan to be home for the entire day of the installation
    • Read up yourself on the CableCard installation process
    • When scheduling, insist that you get an installer that is an employee of TWC, not a contractor
    • Have a printed copy of the TiVo “Instructions for CableCard Installers ”
    • While it might not be practical, it helps to have additional CableCard devices in your home
    • Thank the installer when he/she does things the right way!
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    richcole99 New Member

    Aug 3, 2007
    Having cable card troubles! I have a new Series3 (crazy-expensive model!)

    Got two cable cards installed by a technician:

    *one tuner gets all the channels I am supposed to receive

    *the other tuner only gets some channels (and none of the non-network HD channels that I'm entitled to)

    Time Warner has been here twice now; each time, they claim the cards are functional and programmed to receive all channels.

    So, has anyone had a similar problem? Is it really the cable cards? Could it be <shudder> the Tivo itself? I'm a rabid Tivo fan, so I hate to even mention that.
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    Jeffner76 New Member

    Sep 23, 2005
    HELP! My series 3 HD (300 hr) arrived yesterday, I was sooo excited. Sat down and did the whole reverently unwrap the box thing. As I started going through the instrustructions, I realized I needed two cable cards. I had only ordered one. My appointment is this afternoon between 6 and 9. Last night I called TW-Charlotte and requested the tech bring 2 cable cards. HUGE mistake. HUGE. They absolutely refused to provide 2 cards since I do not have 2 hd tvs. A supervisor finally got on the line and stated that the FCC only requires they provide one and the company has made a policy decision and will only provide one card for TIVO users. I, of course, went into my "as soon as I locate alternate providers, I will cancel every service I have with TW" rant; not realizing at the time that the series 3 requires a cable feed!! (Idjut me).

    I cannot begin to tell you how livid I am about this development. Called TIVO last night, they were helpful and "escalated" me to a higher level of customer service that would apparently conference in TW and tell them they had to provide the card. Hold time was stated to be 5 minutes...after 20 I gave up (I was on my cell phone and running up minutes like crazy).

    I am calling back this AM when their phone lines open.

    Has anyone else in Charlotte recieved this schtick from TW? Have you had any success?? I would appreciate any advice. Also, recommendations on other high speed internet providers would be appreciated!!! No need to give them any more cash than I have too. :D
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    Jeffner76 New Member

    Sep 23, 2005
    How did you get 2 cable cards????!!!

    PS - Everything I have googled indicates its not the tivo's the techs or the cards. Try calling customer service w/o the tech present.
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    pkscout Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2003
    Honolulu, HI


    Just tell them you have two CableCard ready devices and that you want two CableCards. If they insist on knowing what it is, tell them again it's a TiVo with two CableCard slots. If they tell you that you can only have one card, tell them fine, you want one M-card then. If they won't provide it, file a complaint with the FCC.
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    heschong New Member

    Aug 9, 2007
    I told TW in Charlotte that I had a Tivo and needed two cable cards. While they had apparently never heard of putting a cable card in a Tivo, they didn't give me any hassle around getting two. They kept asking what kind of TV I had, and I patiently explained that the cable cards weren't going to go into the TV, but into the Tivo. After about 10 minutes on hold while they consulted with tech support to find out if they supported Tivo, they sent a tech out.

    FYI - When the tech arrived, he had 3 cable cards with him, as apparently they often have bad cards. Both mine worked fine, but your installer may bring more than one and you may be able to get him to add it to your order when he shows up.
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    iota New Member

    Aug 9, 2007
    Just wanted to post my (frustrating) experience with Time-Warner Columbus here in Ohio.

    Saturday 8/4 - Picked up TiVo HD at Circuit City for $250 (just asked them to match a price I had previously seen on their site, they did it without any delay). Called Time-Warner immediately after picking up the box and told them I needed two CableCARDs.

    The person I spoke to told me "No problem! Just bring your DVR to the office and we'll give you two CableCARDs. The office near you is closed, but the one way across town is open for another hour!" Perfect! I drive the 30 minutes across town (to the Alum Creek office) and I'm told "CableCARDs? We don't have those, we never have. You have to have a technician come out and 'wire them up' for you."

    On the long drive home from the office, I call Time-Warner again; I tell the guy that I just need someone to bring the CableCARDs over so that I could set up my TiVo, and I wanted it as soon as possible since I had now wasted my afternoon driving around. He told me that I could make an appointment for a technician to come out in about a week and a half, but there was no way to get anyone else out sooner. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, he said that I could not speak to one; when I told him that the situation was so frustrating that I had to consider the possibility of switching providers, he said "I'll go ahead and just disconnect your service for you now." I of course asked again to speak to his supervisor, and he hung up on me.

    I called back later (after I had cooled off) and was able to get an appointment for someone to come out on Wednesday 8/8. Frustrated that I will have to miss work just to have someone drop off a tiny device, I accepted it so that I could at least get the TiVo HD working as it should.

    Wednesday 8/8 - Technician shows up in the middle of the scheduled block; he says he's in a hurry, and puts both of the CableCARDs in the TiVo HD at the same time, calls his dispatcher to tell them that he has finished the appointment, and tells me to call customer service in 10 minutes. He leaves, I wait 10 minutes, and call customer service. They tell me that I need to wait another hour. I wait an hour, and the TiVo still has no signal; the CableCARD CP Screen shows "Waiting for CP Auth," so I call again. They tell me that they have "sent a signal" to the CARDs and that they can't keep me on the phone while I wait.

    Nothing happens. I call again, they send a signal. I call again, and again, and again. Some times I get through to someone who can "send a signal", some times they tell me the wait, most times they tell me that only a technician at my house can help me. Eventually, someone "sends a signal" that allows me to get the basic cable channels, 1-99, but nothing else (none of the 'encrypted' channels, like Showtime or DiscoveryHD).

    After about 4 hours of calling and waiting, I call TiVo CableCARD support. After a long wait, I get through to the most helpful person of the night. He explains that the "Waiting for CP Auth" means that my card never received the provisioning information from the cable headend. He agrees to 3-way call with Time-Warner; after a long wait (during which we listened to "Please continue to hold!" every 3 seconds without music) we get through to someone. They explain that the CableCARD provisioning system has been offline all day, which is why no one can help me. We don't get anywhere with them and eventually give up, still "Waiting for CP Auth".

    Thursday 8/9 - After work, I call TiVo again. They set up a 3-way call with Time-Warner; we finally get through to someone who says that CableCARD issues are handled by their RoadRunner internet techs! After being transferred (against our better judgement) and a long wait, we are told that RoadRunner only provides support for computers -- NOT CableCARDs. The TiVo tech asks me to call Time-Warner, then call them back once I have someone who can help out on the line.

    I call back to Time-Warner a few more times and finally get a nice young lady who actually accepts the challenge of fixing my CableCARDs. After 45 minutes of her "sending signals", she finally realizes that the cards were never paired with their system at all. After pairing the cards, my "Waiting for CP Auth" goes away almost immediately, but I still cannot access any encrypted channels. It is at this point that the helpful young woman realized something that no one else had: when my CableCARDs were first added to my account, the person who set up the work order "accidentally" removed my cable TV service, so I was only receiving the basic channels. After a few moments, all of my channels came in crystal clear over both CableCARDs, and I was satisfied.

    Total time spent on the phone with Time-Warner (including waiting time): 5 hours 51 minutes
    Total time spent on the phone with TiVo (including waiting time): 1 hour 38 minutes
    Time it should have taken to resolve this: 5 minutes, and no time off from work waiting for a technician to give me something I could have picked up at the cable company office

    Oh well. At least it works now...
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    toxicpenguin New Member

    Mar 28, 2004
    Manhattan, NY
    Hi All... first of all thank you all for the excellent suggestions and information posted on this forum... i guess I owe a lot to the comments on the forum for having a relatively painless experience.

    I just had TWC come in and install my Cable cards and everything went smoothly, infact I have a perfectly working setup as of now (fingers crossed).

    Here is how it all went. Maybe you all can use some or all information here to make your setup smooth.

    I got my tivoHD on 8/3, and i immediately connected it, and updated it with Tivo for latest software updates. I did that on 8/3, reran the updates manually on 8/4, 8/5 and 8/6 ... nothing new dloaded, but did it anyways.

    I had a technician scheduled on 8/8, therefore based on suggestions on the forum, I called TWC on 8/6 and asked them to make a note to bring in Cable cards which were 6/06 or newer.

    8/8 - Day of reckoning.
    4:30 - TWC technician showed up with 2 Scientific Atlanta cards, both dated 04/07 (yippie!!) :up: , however both were S cards, not M cards. I asked the extremely skeptical technician about previous setups, which seemingly went horrendous.
    He put in both cards Slot 1 then Slot 2, and went to Cable Card setup. Updated both of them BEFORE he could call TWC for authorize them. Took about 15 mins to get both updated.
    4:50 - Cards updated, called in TWC to get both cards authorized. Took about 5 mins to get that done.
    5:00 - Began messing with channels, however none showed up (bummer). Although Tivo asked me to run guided setup, I chose not to run it at this time (based on computers... i like to reset after any hardware change) I reset the Tivo (without going thro the guided setup) and waited for it to come back on. Here I noticed something strange. After the powering up screen, my TV went blank with a message "not supported mode" (this is from my TV not TIVO). The message was on the screen for almost 5 mins, and the Tivo remote was non responsive. I thought the machine hung, so i hard reset it one more time. This time I went to make coffee. It took me 10 mins to get back, seems the same message popped up but waiting the 10 mins got the Tivo to power up.
    5:20 : Technician wanted me to flip thro channels (which none showed up) ... so we decided to go thro the guided setup
    5:50 : Guided setup completed. Tivo powered up again, This time channels 1,2,4,6,7,8,10 were displaying. No cable channels, no HD, no HBO.
    6:00 : He remembered from his previous experience, if PBS HD shows up, the problem is at the center, not Tivo. We tuned in to PBS ... voila it worked!!!
    6:05 : Called in, rehit the cable cards, and slowly channels started coming on!!!!
    6:25 : All channels were displaying!!! All HD, regular, digital, HBO ESPN everything!!! AWESOME. The only channel that does not work.... A&E channel 16 (who cares)

    Well he left, I went out got a celebratory beer, came back, and was messing around witht the Tivo, realized... Slot 1 Cable card works, Slot 2 DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!

    So I went to the Cable Card Diagnostics screen, both cards showed as active. Painfully I compared each line between both cards to see what is it that Slot 1 has that Slot 2 is missing.

    Here was the difference

    Cable Card CP Screen : PowerKey Status was Ready in Slot 1, Waiting in Slot 2

    Cable Card Diag Screen : Showed message "please call TWC" in Slot 2

    Called TWC asked for someone who had set up Cable Cards before. The technician was all paniky and said she will schedule another technician to come out.
    All I asked her to do was to check if cable card was showing as active and to hit it one more time. Gave her the Cable card ID (its a bunch of letters), she sent out a signal, found that the card was not activated.

    Activated it, I rebooted the tivo, she sent a signal, 15 mins later.... the damn card was working.

    Everything is working perfectly now. I still have pixelations on HD channels (once every say 20 mins).... but overall it is working fine. Ill keep you posted if any changes occur.

    Ill check on the forum every day so if someone has questions and I can help, please post them and ill answer to the best I can

    Cheers all and thanks again!!!
  9. jbaum

    jbaum Member

    Jul 23, 2002
  10. Jeffner76

    Jeffner76 New Member

    Sep 23, 2005
    Hey everyone...after all the hell TWC put me through, the tech who showed up was great! He had two cable cards and didn't hesitate to install both of them. I have no idea if they are m cards or s cards. The install went pretty smoothly and it was the tech's first time installing cable cards, period.

    A few tips:

    -have the "instructions for cable card installers" for the tech. Make sure they know how to follow directions!
    -lie when you order cable cards! Tell them you have two hd tvs. They view TIVO as a competitor (ha! tivo is way out of their league!) and have no interest in helping you. The techs could care less...

    So far, my tivo is working great. Now I'm just getting all of my programming up and running on the new S3 HD...who knew I had so many shows and preferences on the old S2!
    Good luck - -
  11. Jeffner76

    Jeffner76 New Member

    Sep 23, 2005
    Thank you - I did email the FCC!! Agggh...all is good now, see post...
  12. randymac88

    randymac88 Member

    Feb 29, 2004
    You don't know how good this is to hear - I've yet to see a TWC Manhattan success story. I had my first tech appointment last tuesday (failed firmware updates - old cards), and they're coming tomorrow afternoon. I've called TWCNYC to beg them to bring the newest possible cards and (hopefully) perform the firmware updates before coming to my place.

    I am so hoping that it works so I can move on to more "advanced" problems like pixelation and slow menus.
  13. Zaph32

    Zaph32 New Member

    May 22, 2000
    I'm having a terrible experience with time-warner so far. I was scheduled for cablecard "install' today between 8 and 11am (something I had to wait 2 weeks for) and got a no-show.

    I called them 5 times today and got nothing but lies. "He's on the way." "He'll be there in 30 mins" etc.

    Here it is, 5:22pm and no installer, no phone call, no nothing. I am livid.

    Who can I complain to about this?
  14. CaptDS9E

    CaptDS9E New Member

    Dec 3, 2002
    Well I have a pretty good TWC Queens NY story. As i mentioned a few pages back the customer service rep told me one day, but it was actually a week later. So i had to wait 2 1/2 weeks to get the 4 cards for the two HD Tivo's. This was the entire worst part it turns out. Just getting someone to come and install. So the installer comes yesterday, but has no cable cards at all. For some reason it was not on the work order (idiotic customer rep). My brother who was home told the guy our entire ordeal. Guy was not surprised at all with what happened. So as my brother calls him "the nicest installer ever" said he would go get the cards and be back in 30 minutes. He gets back, and starts the install. He has done many Tivo HD install's in the last few months with little problem. All four cards finally get installed. Says the premium's etc.. will work withen 30 minutes. He went to another service call nearby, but would call my brother to make sure everything was alright not only with the cable cards, but the other left over box's in our house as they have to reset also. He called back three times over the course of the day making sure everything was working. Beautiful. Brother checked and everything worked. All 4 cards. Last night I came home. My brothers cards were fine. However for some reason my first card was acting strange. So i called TWC, and got another person who actually knows what they are talking about (two in one day, we were on a roll). Mentions that some of the others need at least to run over night for some other batch updates and such. If there is a problem call back this morning. However i wake up and all is good. Every station works perfectly fine including all HD, HD extra and premium movie channels on every card. Guess we got lucky with actually having a great installer, and someone on the phone who actually knew what the hell they were talking about.
  15. Zaph32

    Zaph32 New Member

    May 22, 2000
    Well, I got stiffed. And didn't even get a call.

    I called TW 7 times over the course of the day, and got various stories about when he would arrive, none of which came true.

    If I hadn't already dumped my HR10-250's I'd be going back to DirecTV with a quickness.
  16. grwatlanta

    grwatlanta New Member

    Oct 1, 2005
    I just received my upgraded series 3 from Weaknees yesterday. I called Time Warner Chapel Hill to schedule installation of the cable cards. The service representative said that she had never heard of a component that takes two cards. She insisted that I must pay a $42.95 service fee for each card. I challenged that and said I had read on the internet that only one service fee is charged for these easy installations. She checked with her supervisor who also insisted that two fees must be charged. She said that if I could find on the internet where it said only one fee should be charged, she would honor it. On the Time Warner web site I found the page that listed the fees and it said nothing about charges per card. She still insisted that she had to charge me twice for this service. She justified that they needed this extra charge because of the cost to "roll" the truck and the fact that the technician may need to spend up to 60 minutes to install.

    I went ahead to schedule the installation and hope I will find a way to get the fee reduced.

    Have others experienced this problem? If so, were you successful in getting charged only one fee for service installation?
  17. ScratchFury

    ScratchFury New Member

    Feb 12, 2005
    Zaph32, Time Warner has a gurantee that if they don't show up, they owe you money.
  18. ScratchFury

    ScratchFury New Member

    Feb 12, 2005
    grwatlanta, I have never been charged a service fee for installation or a truck roll ever! But I don't live in your area. The only thing I pay is $3.50 a month total for just having the CableCARDs.
  19. Zaph32

    Zaph32 New Member

    May 22, 2000
    Scratch, yeah, they put a $20 credit on my account. (Whee.) I still have nothing.
  20. mitomac

    mitomac New Member

    Aug 11, 2007
    Greetings neighbor,

    TWC in Durham -- I also got hit with the $42.95 per card install fee. Ouch, $86 for the privilege of Tivo. The install took 2 days and approximately 6 hours. Most of the time was spent while the tech (a contractor) waited on hold with TWC.

    All is working now, but we are experiencing the macroblocking issues on many channels. Thinking of taking the tivo hd back, but then I'm out the $86... Between a rock and hard place.


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