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Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by tunnelengineer, Sep 14, 2006.


    JPALMETTO New Member

    May 18, 2004
    Sumter, SC


    Sumter, SC
  2. aymanme

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    May 8, 2001
    Austin, TX
    And you are complaining? Many TW S3 CC installs seem to be measured in days. :)

    JPALMETTO New Member

    May 18, 2004
    Sumter, SC
    Yeah they don't seem to think we have anything better to do than to spend "quality time" w/them :D
  4. davewall

    davewall New Member

    Jul 11, 2007
    I've been using an S3 with TW West Valley (Los Angeles) cablecards since January with few problems, until now.

    My ESPN-HD channel had stopped working, so a tech came out today. He told me that TW has decided that it will no longer provide ESPN-HD to customers that don't use a TW HD-DVR!! I'll call TW tomorrow to verify that story, but has anyone else heard of anything like this???
  5. cokyq

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    Jan 21, 2007


    I wonder how many S3 cablecard installations go smoothly? It seems that only those that do not go well and those savy enough to post on internet boards are the ones that complaint!

    My original cablecard installation was not smooth and took more than 1 week, several trips and several cards before it was actually working. After one year with TWC, and 6 months since my S3 purchase, because of my dissatisfaction with TWC I chose to drop cable tv all together and just rely on over the air.
  6. Fofer

    Fofer Bo55man69

    Oct 29, 2000

    TWC in Los Angeles here too.

    The tech *may* have been suggesting that ESPN-HD was moved to be broadcast over SDV (Switched Digital channels), a technology that squeezes more content over the pipes, that the S3 can't handle (but the TW HD-DVR can.)

    That's been the biggest concern for many S3 owners. Some markets are really affected by this, and S3 owners can't get all channels. So far, as far as I know, this hasn't affected Los Angeles. I have yet to come across any missing channels or mention of SDV wreaking havoc over here.

    Sure enough, I just tested channels 424 (ESPN HD) and 425 (ESPN2 HD) and get them both.

    It seems like there's not only a problem with the tech and incompatibilities, but so much misinformation and ignorance. Time Warner reps don't even know what we're *supposed* to be receiving...
  7. Joey Bagadonuts

    Joey Bagadonuts New Member

    Mar 13, 2006
    Anaheim, CA...
    Thanks. I guess I could've just looked at the info under your user name a little more closely.

  8. pashasurf7873

    pashasurf7873 New Member

    Sep 22, 2006
    I live in Hawaii, am with Time Warner Cable and was wondering if any Time Warner Cable customers have heard of this in the Mainland?

    Here is a breakdown of the CableCard charges:

    >Duplicate Service Charge: $8.00 a month per card
    >HD Entertainment Package: $6.95 a month per card
    >Total: $14.95 for each CableCard!!!!!

    The CableCards are $3.10 each with no premium programming on them. To
    receive the Digital Cable Service on the cards, the Duplicate Service
    Fee of $8.00 would apply instead of the $3.10 card charge. The HD package is not included in the duplicate service fee. It is charged per card.
    So in Hawaii it costs $29.90 per month just to enable the use of my beloved TIVO S3.
    When I called and then emailed to complain this is the response I got:


    1. as I stated previously, the Duplicate service charge does not include
    the HD Entertainment Package. The Duplicate service charge only includes
    the equipment rental fee, digital cable service, and any premium movie
    channels in your subscription. Each device that is receiving the HD
    Entertainment Package is billed for that package.

    2. Yes, we are aware of the current limitations of the technology. You
    can install a single CableCard in your Tivo and only record one channel
    at a time.

    3. The CableCards are billed for each device, each CableCard is a
    separate device. You could obtain the HD DVR without the duplicate
    service charge, however you would still be billed for the HD
    Entertainment package which is required to have any HD cable box.

    You could also rent the CableCards for $3.10 each, however they would
    only be able to receive the Standard Cable Service. They would not
    receive the authorization to receive the HD Entertainment Package, the
    Digital Cable Package, nor the HBO or Showtime.

    4. Because that is how the company decided to do the billing.

    5. Everything is NOT going HD. That is a common misconception. HD and
    Digital are two very different things. The FCC is only requiring a
    change to Digital, not HD.

    6. I am sorry, but it does not appear the same from our point of view.
    We bill per device that receives premium programming in the home. If you
    TiVo requires 2 of those devices then the account should be charged for
    each one.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to e-mail us again
    or contact our Customer Care Department at the appropriate number below.
    When replying to this e-mail, please include this message as well as all
    previous correspondence regarding this issue.

    Cable TV or Internet:
    Billing: 643-2100
    Sales: 643-2337
    Repair: 643-2300

    Thank you,
    Nick S.
    Oceanic Time Warner Cable
  9. nharmon91

    nharmon91 New Member

    Jul 1, 2007
    Well I am having them installed right now, but he clearly doesn't know what he is doing. He called in to activate them but never paired them so I just have a blank screen at the moment.
  10. jrj130

    jrj130 New Member

    Jul 16, 2007
    I'm in New York City -- I just moved from a building served by RCN (who handled a cablecard install with no problems) to a building served by TWC. After four days, 6 different cable cards, four visits from technicians, and eight calls to customer service, the latest tech is now telling me that the latest firmware upgrade doesn't work with any Series3 Tivos, and there's nothing anyone can do -- none of their cablecards will work with the S3. How on earth can this be? Is Scientific Atlanta just sending out defective cards and no one cares?
  11. IsItLive

    IsItLive New Member

    Apr 3, 2007
    I'm looking for some info about New York TWC cable card firmware upgrades.

    My series3 was working great until about 2 weeks ago, when the tuner associated with CableCard1 would not get the scrambled channels. No problem with the networks, but something like Comedy Central or Nickelodeon would give me still screen of what was on that channel then go to an all gray screen.

    No problem, I figured, I'll just have them install a new cable card in slot 1. Cable guys show up, put a new card in slot 1, call in the switch to dispatch or whatever, and we sit there waiting for the firmware upgrade to complete. Waited an hour, nothing changed. Tried changing to another card. Waited another 45 minutes, no change. Reset tivo box, wait for firmware upgrade, no change. Pull card 2, insert card 1 by itself, wait for firmware upgrade, no change.

    Basically we sat around all day but never got the card to work. Eventually we pulled the card (1) and the box is running on the remaining working card. He left me the card that's currently paired with slot 1. I tried it again today, firmware failed to upgrade.

    Cable guy called a guy he knew in tech support. That guy told him they haven't had a successful series3 firmware upgrade in 2 days.

    Has anyone in the Southern Manhattan Time Warner tried to install a new cable card recently? I've started to think it might be my box, but that's a huge hassle to exchange.

    Any help, thanks in advance.
  12. T-Shee

    T-Shee Member

    Sep 22, 2006
    jrj130, IsItLive: You should report this to TIVO asap. I live in Manhattan (TWC Manhanttan South) and while my older cards are working, this is a disaster for any new Manhattan bound S3 (like yours) or anyone who needs new cards in Manhattan.

    If this is true, you should report it to Tivo immediately. Get them involved without delay.

    Very disturbing.
  13. jrj130

    jrj130 New Member

    Jul 16, 2007

    Ha, what a joke. I just spoke with Tivo for 45 minutes, and they basically told me to have TWC keep bringing out cards until they found one that works. They said it's not their problem, they won't do anything about it, and it's my tough luck. The guy was rude and unhelpful. if you think Tivo's coming to the rescue think again. Also, they openly mocked the various Tivo message boards on the web, implying that anything posted on them is nonsense.

    I've been a loyal tivo customer and evangelist since the very first model, and they're about to burn that whole relationship. The S3 I bought less than a year ago is now an $800 paperweight, and Tivo takes no responsibility. Tivo doesn't care whether you or I can get service -- they got our money from us already.
  14. cokyq

    cokyq New Member

    Jan 21, 2007
    It will be nice if someone from TiVO is reading this forum to take notice and lend out a hand.
  15. BruceShultes

    BruceShultes Member

    Oct 2, 2006
    Albany, NY
    Ask them whether they can perform the firmware update on the cards at their head office before they bring them out to you.

    I believe that firmware updates can have problems when you have either too strong or too weak a signal over your cable.

    I live in Albany so I am not dealing with TWC NYC, but when they first installed cards in my S3, one of them refused to complete a firmware update.

    I just checked the date of manufacture on the back of the card that worked and noticed that the one that had a problem was older. I just asked them to provide a card with the same date as the one that worked. Then everything worked correctly.
  16. gary325

    gary325 Member

    Aug 29, 2001
    Rochester, NY
    What channels are missing with SDV and TW Rochester? Their website is a little outdated.

    Services you CAN get with a CableCARD

    Basic and Standard
    Crystal Clear Picture & Sound
    Digital Tier
    HD Channels*
    International Channels
    HD Tier (excluding Universal HD)
    Sports Tier
    Showtime Unlimited
    Starz (excluding Starz Comedy)
    Encore Movie Pack

    Services you CANNOT get with a CableCARD

    *As of January 2006, any new digital services added will NOT be available with a CableCARD

    Adult On Demand
    Movies On Demand
    Events On Demand
    Free On Demand
    Premiums On Demand
    Digital Simulcast
    Interactive & Enhanced TV services
    Interactive Program Guide
    Caller ID on TV
    Boomerang, digital channel 534
    Howard Stern On Demand
    Seasonal Sports Packages
    Sleuth-digital channel 331
    Starz Comedy-digital channel 955
    Universal HD
    NY Legislative Channel
    A&E HD
    MTV HD
    Family Choice Tier
    Start Over
    Events On Demand
    Answers On Demand
    ESPN Deportes
  17. snowbunny

    snowbunny New Member

    Jun 10, 2007
    Austin, TX
    latest list of SDV Time Warner Austin channels:

    Please note that many of the upper-tier digital channels are mapped onto their analog counterparts. This results in watching an inferior analog channel and defeats the purpose of having a digital TV.

    24 / 270 QVC (digital channel mapped onto analog)
    25 / 273 HSN
    27 / 215 Oxygen
    28 / 213 WE
    29 / 217 Soap
    30 / 545 E!
    33 / 258 Travel
    36 / 234 Animal Planet
    37 / 160 ABC Family
    38 / 170 ION
    39 / 180 Hallmark
    40 / 520 TVLand
    41 / 120 Nickelodeon
    42 / 101 Disney East RTE
    43 / 110 Cartoon Network
    44 / 355 News 8 Doppler Radar
    55 / 450 Golf
    57 / 540 CourtTV
    64 / 555 Turner Classic Movies
    70 / 590 CMT
    72 / 570 MTV
    73 / 585 BET
    74 / 219 Style
    75 / 623 Telemundo
    76 / 622 Galavision
    77 TWC77 (the following are all switched video channels with no analog backup)
    78 Infor
    102 Disney West RTE
    111 Boomerang
    125 Nick Toons
    261 LOGO
    274 TV Superstore
    275 Shop NBC
    277 Revenue Frontier
    278 Men's Channel
    279 Healthy Living
    281 Beauty and Fashion
    284 iShop
    285 The Mall Channel
    286 Resort and Residence
    287 PREVU Channel
    295 The Word Network
    348 News 8 Traffic
    358 News 8 Weather
    359 / 609 News 8 Weather Spanish
    408 News 8 NonStop Sports
    527 FoxReality
    431 Fox Sports Atlantic
    432 Fox Sports Central
    433 Fox Sports Pacific
    434 Fuel
    435 NBA TV
    438 CSTV
    455 Tennis Channel
    460 Speedvision
    490 Outdoor Channel
    601 CNN Espanol
    602 Canal 24
    604 DocuTVE
    606 CanalSur
    609 / 359 News 8 Weather Spanish
    611 Toon Disney Spanish
    612 Cartoon Spanish
    613 Boomerang Spanish
    614 Sorpresa
    617 Fox Sports SW Espanol
    626 TVE International
    629 La Familia
    630 SiTV
    632 Infinito
    633 HTV
    634 Video Rola
    635 Puma
    636 MUN 2
    637 MTV Tres
    640 CineLatino
    644 Discovery Espanol
    645 HITN
    649 EWTN Spanish
    708 HBO WEST
    738 SHOW WEST
    739 SHO TOO WEST
    743 SHOW NEXT-W
    744 WOMEN WEST
    748 TMC WEST
    761 Encore West
    901 Sport PPV-1
    902 Sports PPV-2
    903 Sports PPV-3
    904 Sports PPV-4
    905 Sports PPV-5
    906 Sports PPV-6
    910 NBA
    911 TEAM1
    912 TEAM2
    913 TEAM3
    914 TEAM4
    915 TEAM5
    916 TEAM6
    917 TEAM7
    918 TEAM8
    919 TEAM9
    930 Game 1 (hockey, baseball etc)
    931 Game 2
    932 Game 3
    933 Game 4
    934 Game 5
    935 Game 6
    936 Game 7
    937 Game 8
    938 Game 9
    939 Game 10
    940 Playboy Enhanced
    941 Ten
    942 TenBlox
    943 Ten Clips
    952 IND 2
    1639 Fox Sports HD
    1660 A&E HD
    1664 Music HD
    1675 Cinemax HD
    1684 Starz HD
  18. tenthplanet

    tenthplanet Well-Known Member

    Mar 5, 2004

    According to TWC So.Cal. site ESPN HD and ESPN2 HD are due to be moved from the HD tier to in the clear QAM. There may be complications to this.
  19. Fofer

    Fofer Bo55man69

    Oct 29, 2000
    I just browsed briefly but I don't see anything about that on the site:

    so... got a link?
  20. davewall

    davewall New Member

    Jul 11, 2007
    Fofer, I couldn't find that information on the site either, but I was told the same thing by a TW CSR on the phone. I still don't get ESPN HD (in TW West Valley). The CSR suggested it may have something to do with it moving out of the HD Tier and that I should try re-doing a TIVO guided setup, but that didn't help.

    No one at TW seems to be able to confirm the story I heard from the Tech that ESPN-HD is no longer available to customers without TW equipment (cable box or DVR.) I don't think they would have moved ESPN-HD to SDV since it's so popular, but the TW CSR had never heard of SDV so I don't know for sure.

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