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Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by tunnelengineer, Sep 14, 2006.

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    Midwest User1

    Midwest User1 New Member

    Dec 4, 2007


    Thanks. I'm in a different market than the those who have noticed SDV channels now showing up but I'll check for the heck of it.
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    mack89464 New Member

    Jun 5, 2007
    All - update to my posting from Dec 23rd where TWC can not get both M cards working in my TiVo Series 3HD

    I was supposed to get a call from someone in IS yesterday to help configure the cards now that TiVo have confirmed they are not set up correctly.

    No one called (I know - shocking!) I tried calling the manager that I had a direct number for but his mailbox is full. I divert to another mailbox and its also full.

    Today I called the original field tech and he said someone would call me right back. That was at 2.30pm - its now 4.08pm and of course no one has called. I followed up with the field tech again and he's doing all he can to get people to call me but he's only one man fighting agains the awfulness that is Time Warner Cable.

    If no one calls back today I'm going to cancel my account. I would rather do without TV (I don't watch a huge amount of "must see" TV anyway) and put my TiVo in a closet than have to deal with the daily agony of dealing with these fools.

    I wish my apartment building allowed Dish installation - I'd go with DirecTV in a heartbeat!

    Update: The excellent field tech that helped me before is coming out to me again tomorrow. He doesnt work Fridays but he's going to come out and help me with the IS team and get it fixed once and for all.
    The field techs are so helpful (or at least try to be) the call center staff are about as much use as an ashtray on a motorcycle.

    Hopefully tomorrow the final update will be me cheering and clapping at everything working again :)
    We'll see!
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    juggler314 New Member

    Dec 28, 2007
    So...second install date was today. Another no-show. Called up to complain again. They *claim* they are going to try and get the morning guy out here tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath given what I know about how scheduling works (or doesn't work!) within TWCNYC

    These guys are a piece of work...

    BTW has anyone noticed how when you are on hold with TWCNYC instead of something like "please stay on the line we'll be with you shortly" every few minutes, they just have a big minute long chunk of dead silence. I'm positive they do that to encourage people to think they've been hung up on and hang up thus shortening the queue...
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    trol1374 New Member

    Dec 10, 2007

    Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but doesn't the TivoHD only allow use of one (1) M card or 2 S cards? You can't use 2 mcards in the tivoHD.
    Unless you are saying you have 2 Tivo's?
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    pkscout Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2003
    Honolulu, HI


    You're reading it wrong. The Series 3 and the TivoHD are different products. The TivoHD will notice a second M-card and tell you to eject it. The Series 3 doesn't yet know how to use an M-card as a multistream decoder, so you can put two in that one and it will treat them as two S-cards.
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    gamo62 Member

    Oct 12, 2002
    As long as you do not permanently attach it to their property, they cannot stop you. Get a bucket, put some concrete in it, set the pole and you're good to go.

    Of course this all assumes you have the correct line of sight for the SAT.
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    chuvakuhn New Member

    Nov 20, 2007
    I have a fairly new TivoHD with the 9.X software. The cable service is Time Warner Cable Southern Manhattan here in NYC. About a week ago, I started to experience some blank channels(all black screen). Some shows were partially recorded before going blank. I really didn't look too much into this problem since I was going on vacation, I was hoping that the glitch will resolve itself by the time I come back.

    When I got home from vacation two days ago, I checked my TivoHD and it no longer receives any channels except for a limited lineup - both SD and HD. The diagnostic screen show that the blank channels are tuned, with noise ratio of 36-37, but with no picture, and they are not random at all. It looks as if the cable card is only programmed to receive basic channels. The following is what I can receive:

    1 NY1
    2 WCBS
    3 TNT
    4 WNBC
    5 FOX (WNYW)
    7 WABC
    8 TBS
    10 CNN
    11 CW11 (WPIX)
    702 WCBS HDTV
    703 TNT in HD
    704 WNBC HDTV
    705 WNYW HD
    707 WABC HDTV
    708 TBS HD
    709 WWOR HD
    711 WPIX-HD
    713 Thirteen HD

    I tried both a reset and a power down. The blanks channels would show a split second of the picture and then display a cable card screen indicating that I should call the cable company, the phone number, cable card SN and host ID are displayed. It would do this only once on every tuned blank channel after a reset or power down. I called TWC and they tried sending a signal to the card. It worked the first time, I was good for about 5 minutes and then the same channels started to blank out again. A second call to TWC(a long wait) and a second sent signal did nothing. Now I have a scheduled appointment for this Saturday for the cable guy to look into this.

    Very frustrating.

    **When the single Multi-stream cable was first installed, the operator only needed the host ID and not the card SN, as opposed to what is indicated in the Tivo setup guide. I hope this wasn't the cause of the problem.
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    terminaldawn New Member

    May 9, 2004
    Just wanted to post an update regarding this.

    1st the pixilization issue.
    I ended up hooking my Time Warner DVR up and my Tivo and switched back and forth and compared a significant ammount of channels. They all appeared to work the same. I think I was being too pickey the issue I noticed was more motion fragments due to Time Warners compression. So good news, this seems to be a non-issue for me!

    2nd the lack of channel issue.

    I got a phone call today from the "Trouble Call Reduction Department" saying that they found the issue that was preventing me from getting all the channels and they resolved it. I have not tested this out yet to see if the issue is resolved but the guy I talked to seemed like he has seen this issue many a time in the past and found the fix. I asked him to provide me with the correct lingo of what the problem is so I can get someone to resolve this for me if it happens again. The exact issue was and I quote “Digital access service was not on the occurrence of your two cable cards".

    I will check when I get home to verify if everything is working correctly. I will post the results.
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    Pricele$$Vulture New Member

    Dec 29, 2007
    I have my appointment with TWCNYC today. Hopefully they show up. My expectation for them as been so low. Especially after reading this thread.
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    juggler314 New Member

    Dec 28, 2007
    Amazingly they did show up this morning, of course I'm on they came and my gf was there...apparently the install went at least somewhat ok. She tells me we get everything up to about channel 100. The TWCNYC tech said everything was good on their side. Hopefully the next time the tivo updates itself it'll sort it out, if not I'm sure I'lll be on the phone a few hours when I get home next week!

    BTW it's just one M-card for my Tivo HD:)
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    Pricele$$Vulture New Member

    Dec 29, 2007
    Dude I'm so nervous about TWCNYC. They're supposed to stopby my home today to install the Cable Cards.

    What should I expect? I should get all the same channels that I currently get via the cable box ---with the exception of On Demand?
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    juggler314 New Member

    Dec 28, 2007
    Well like I said, I have yet to actually use my newly setup Tivo since I'm on vacation, but you should get every channel you got with your old box, +HD (if you didn't have an HD box before), you will not be able to use any OD channels because they use two way communication. Also you will not recieve any SDV channels. From my reading of this forum it doesn't seem like thare are many/any SDV channels in TWCNYC.

    I highly suggest if they don't show up that you b*tch and get a free months service though. And when they tell you it's impossible to reschedule outside of the computer system, call BS - I got a guy to show up next day, although someone had to arrange for that special.
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    mack89464 New Member

    Jun 5, 2007
    Yesterday a new field technician came out - an Indian guy - who was great. He arrived and promised me we would be up and running very quickly.
    10 minutes later he made a call to dispatch - a few hits later all was working and my problem is resolved. So it proves again what everyone has said on these forums all along. It all depends on who you get out on site - just luck. The bad part is that TWC has nobody working in the call center with half a brain. The only person I spoke to out of the 12+ call center reps with any good level of customer service was a lady called Rhonda. Polite, helpful and actually listened to what I had to say. Didn't cut me off, transfer me or dump me to another queue like everyone else. She also gave me a $75 credit on my account.

    Good luck to others in the Hollywood / LA area getting their cards installed. Its like playing roulette (more like Russian Roulette)
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    Pricele$$Vulture New Member

    Dec 29, 2007
    OMG!!! I can't believe TWCNYC actually did something right. The guy that stopped by was great. Finished the install in under 15 mins. All channels coming in fine thus far. I'm pretty impressed with the field tech.
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    bobrt6676 Member

    Dec 31, 2007
    On Jan 4th TWC arrived at 6:20 P.M.(window 6-8:30). My first question was how many cable cards have you installed? 0 he said, but I have an expert on the phone. I handed him the Tivo instructions for Card installers. 2 hours latter I was up and running. Not bad for a newbie, thanks to Percy at TWC. :)
    Today, I noticed I was missing 4 HD channels. Called CST she tried to send a "hit" to the cable cards. Nothing changed. Asked if I had 2 CC's. I will have to get someone to help me.:eek: Transferred me to Roadrunner National tech support!! :mad: He transferred me back to someone else who promptly sent a "hit" to my CC's and the missing channels were there not even a reboot needed!:cool: Except for a small hiccup a positive for TWC Dayton,Ohio
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    stevec5375 New Member

    May 31, 2005
    Austin, TX
    And the Time Warner Austin fiasco continues....

    Time Warner contractor from DCOM arrives around 10am. He spends at least 1 hour at the house trying to get the cards to pair. No success.
    He returns at 5:30pm that evening and tries again. This time he calls his supervisor over to my house and between the two of them and Time Warner telephone technicians, they get the cards paired but no HD channels are showing.
    It’s 8:30pm and they tell me they have another job to do and must leave and that it’s possible that by the next day the HD channels will be there. Not true and the channels still have not showed up.

    While the Time Warner contractor is at my home attempting to pair two cable cards, I’m on the phone with tech support listening to this woman tell me they don’t support cable cards in non TW owned equipment. I asked her to repeat that to the technician. He was floored and got her employee number. The company’s own representatives don’t even know what services they offer even though it’s plainly on their public web site.

    I’m waiting for a TW tech to show up between 8am – 12pm. The tech showed up at 10:15am and wasn’t able to get the cards paired. He tried to use MultiStream cards in the unit and I told him (as says Tivo’s web site) that you cannot use MultiStream cards in the Tivo Series 3 HD. He called his supervisor and was told they didn’t have anymore Single Stream cards in the warehouse. He left and told me he would be back on Thursday.

    I plugged the MultiStream card that the last tech (Hector) left lying on top of my TiVo into slot 1 and called Time Warner. I got a technician to pair the card and send the signal to the TiVo. I got some of the HD channels but not all. Same old problem, can’t get Discovery HD and others. Only one of my two tuners works because the MultiStream is not supported fully in the Series 3. I found out from the tech on the phone that I have an appointment with TW for Friday of this week between 1pm – 5pm for Hector to come back out with new cable cards. I would not have known I had the appointment if the tech had not called me. I never heard any other word out of Hector after his last failed visit.

    Technician shows up at 12:00pm. He leaves the single Multistream card in Slot 1. Then he contacts a Time Warner tech on the phone and asks him to send a “hit” to the TiVo. No EMMs arrive because the count is still at zero. Technician goes outside to check the cable signal and changes to a 4-way splitter. Technician is never able to get the 2nd cable card to receive more than 2 EMMs even though card 1 received all 39. Technician makes a trip to get a different cable card to #2. Cable card 2 was paired and received it’s authorization but no EMMs were received. A 2nd technician, Hector, shows up with more cable cards and is surprised to find the other technician there. Obviously, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing at TW. They were on the phone again but not successful. They left and the 2nd card still does not work.

    Time Warner called to see if the EMM count has increased on both my CableCards. It has. However, CC1 and CC2 have different EMM counts.

    EMM count on CC1 is 47 and EMM count on CC2 is 4. Called Time Warner phone support. Technician on phone says he cannot send any “hits” to CC2 because it is only “one way” and it appears to him to have a problem. He has scheduled for yet another technician to come out on Friday between 1pm – 5pm. In addition, I asked for the list of Switched Digital Video channels so that I would know which channels I definitely would not receive and he did not have that information. I am suppose to receive a call back in two hours with that information. It is now 12:00pm. At 2:42pm still no word from Time Warner Cable. I never did hear from this person and it is now 1/4/08.

    A technician came to the house once again because the EMM count had gone from 51 on CableCard 1 to 10 and to 0 on CableCard 2. The technician was on the phone with various people back at the Time Warner dispatch trying to get EMMs sent to my CableCards once again. No luck. There appears to be this disconnect between dispatch and DNCS at Time Warner. The group they call DNCS are the only ones who have successfully been able to send EMMs to my cable cards. However, for whatever reason, my CableCards won’t retain them.
    Many of the technicians who have come to my home have made it clear that Time Warner hates dealing with Cable Cards and if it weren’t for the FCC mandating them, they wouldn’t support them at all.
    On 1/3/08 I had a phone message from a Time Warner employee named John from Customer Service wanting to speak to me. I suspect that he had received the complaints I filed with both the City of Austin’s franchise office and the Better Business Bureau. I spent quite long time on the phone with him and told him basically what a fiasco the whole CableCard mess had been, how much time off from work meeting technicians had cost me, and just the general nuisance of trying to watch channels that I’m paying for but can’t get. I told him that I knew when I bought the Tivo Series 3 HD that it would not allow me to do Video on Demand or receive Switched Digital Video but that wasn’t a big deal at the time. However, they do not publish the list of Switched Digital Video channels so it is impossible for me to determine which channels I am supposed to receive and which ones I am not. I reiterated to him that this was unacceptable. He promised to find out what the list of SDV channels were and look into why my EMMs were not stable. He at least said he would credit my account with $100 for all my troubles.

    My next move is to file a complaint with the FCC. I am so hopping mad at all of this that I could just s**t.
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    lrhorer Active Member

    Aug 31, 2003
    As an engineer with 25 years experience in CATV and telecommunications I can tell you high levels will cause a great deal more problems than low levels, especially with digital streams. Most installations should not require an amplifier, and only those who do require them will benefit from them at all.

    I could give you tons of numbers, but I really don't have all night to be typing at the keyboard. Suffice to say the CATV company is responsible for delivering a useable signal to the eve of your house. Unless you have lots of outlets (I have 9 for example), a very large house (guilty as charged), or are an unusually long way from the subscriber tap (mine could be closer), an amplifier is not necessary. If the signal levels are too low to feed 1 or 2 outlets in an ordinary sized house a reasonable distance from the CATV subscriber tap, then the CATV system is out of balance and the CATV provider needs to fix their system. Many CATV companies will provide a house amplifier for free or for a very modest fee if the house happens to lie outside the normal engineering parameters and consequently suffers from low levels. As it happens my house qualifies on all three counts, so an amp was necessary for my house, but mine is definitely the exception.
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    dolfer Miles Standish Proud

    Nov 3, 2000
    I did not have to run guided set up.

    The channels are just like any other channels. When they were added I got a notice telling me that there had been a change in the lineup.

    Since all I was receiving on those channels was On Demand commercials, I had deselected all of them in the Channels I Receive.

    When a friend of mine said they had miraculously appeared, I added them all back so they would show up in my guide.

    I double checked the lineup on TW's site and there were no channels that were missed so the channel lineup changes were properly detected by my Tivo. That's my case with my Tivo and TW cincy. As you know, every case can be different.

    Go to your cable company's site and check out the latest channel list. If it matches your channel lineup in the Channels I Receive section, then you are ok. Just check all of the channels you want, and deselect the ones you don't.
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    stevec5375 New Member

    May 31, 2005
    Austin, TX
    Thanks for posting the Time Warner Austin SDV Channel List. It's been impossible to get this info out of Time Warner.
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    Welshdog Tivo this, punk!

    Jan 3, 2005
    You know it's funny. I am in Austin and use analog cable on my S3 and THD. I checked the SDV list of channels and there wasn't a single one that I would miss. Guess I can go digital now without any worries!

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