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    Contact your local franchise authority (likely the town you live in). They will forward your email to someone high enough up to make changes and ask for comment. Usually that person will get to the bottom of it and fix it.

    You complaint should point to your most recent rate sheet that was approved by the franchise authority and say that Comcast is not following the rate sheet that they had approved and details of how they are not following the rate sheet.
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    File an FCC complaint.
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    My CapOne Visa tells me when a recurring charge changes (at least when it's higher than it has been. Not sure about lower). Also not sure about the threshold but I got a notice this month when my cellphone bill was $10 higher due to data use.
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    I chatted with Comcast this morning about the $2.50 COE credit. I had recently removed my second Tivo (a Bolt) because Comcast finally figured out they were not charging me the high cablecard fee on the secondary device. I was being charged for years $1.50 and $1.50 instead of $0 and $9.50 (I believe it was $9.50). I have a mini so just switched to using it and went to my primary Bolt+ for connection to the mini. Comcast can eat their high priced CC. They removed the single $2.50 credit I had been receiving when I returned the secondary CC. They were only giving me one COE credit but I was saving more by the mixup in the CC charges so I was still ahead until the change.

    Long story longer, I went into chat where it took about 20 minutes to get the $2.50 manually credited back and the $2.50 credit automatically recurring for the future bills. That is assuming they do not hose it up. I will believe it when I see the next bill. In case it helps anyone, here is part of the transcript. I directed them to the link and text of their own policy so they could not say I was wrong. I was ready to file and FCC complaint if needed but this was much easier.



    3:50 AM

    I checked this link: Comcast: Xfinity and it is not showing the $2.50 credit for my own equipment. I used to get it until changes were made so it must have been accidentally removed.


    3:50 AM

    Per Comcast:

    Will I receive an equipment credit if I use my own CableCARD-compatible retail device? If you own a CableCARD-compatible device with an activated CableCARD and subscribe to an XFINITY TV service package that includes equipment as part of the service, you will receive a monthly equipment credit of $2.50 for each CableCARD-compatible retail device. To learn more, see our Customer Owned Equipment Policy. (NOTE: there that COEP is a link to their policy)


    3:51 AM

    I now have 1 device that I own (a Tivo). I do not have any Comcast boxes on my account. Just one cablecard and that is $0 for the primary outlet.


    3:53 AM

    Thanks for the additonal information.


    4:08 AM

    After checking on the account, yes you are correct for the equipment discount.


    4:09 AM

    Thank you. Can you add the discount back in?


    4:11 AM

    Yes, I will manually deduct the credit of $2.50 on the account now.


    4:12 AM

    Moving forward, the credit for the owned equipment will be automatically deducted on your bill.
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    Best of luck. It took several years to get mine right, even with me providing their own policy stating what it should be.

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