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Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by amjustice, Sep 14, 2006.

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    jrock Member

    Aug 27, 2002


    I am in Connecticut and I just called and placed the order. I have an Eplorer 8000 HD now that I am returning. They seemed very aware of the new TiVo (1-800-COMCAST) and they said it's normally $22.40 for the first Cable card install and $14.40 for each additional but they will waive the $14.40 so it will only be $22.40 to come out and install it. Then the first cable card is free monthly and the second is $2.50 a month. These are the same exact quotes I got when I called last week to check on prices but they didn't offer the $14.40 off when I called last week they said it would be $36.80 to come to the house. I'm really happy with $2.50 a month and not upset about the $22.40 they are sending someone out so they gotta make a little money for it plus I'll be saving the box rental fee so I'll make that back in 2 months. One other thing that surprised me is they said we can come out tomorrow! I was like woah, they told me it was about a week wait last week and I haven't even ordered my S3 yet lol. So I scheduled it for next weds and I have to decide on where to get the S3. I'm thinking of getting it over nighted from Circuit City with the %10 off since I don't have a life time SUB it won't matter. I'm first going to call around to all the stores locally and see if they have them and if I'm lucky I may just give up the %10 and call back and have them come tomorrow if I find one somewhere in CT today. I doubt way out here in the boonies if they have any though =X

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    sonicboom Member

    Sep 2, 2006
    I'm in the Boston area, and started the process.

    I ordered my S3 last night.
    I called ComCast today, using the customer care number on my bill, and have hit an issue.

    I said I would like to have 2 cablecards for my tivo. She said you can only get cable cards for TVs not any other device. I explained that the new tivo series3 is a CableLabs certified device, and they have to support it. She mentioned that she knew nothing about it, and would have to check with Marketing. This could take her a couple days, but she assured me that she would call me back with info. I asked if anyone else in the office might know about this, and she said no they have not been briefed.

    I then asked if she could schedule an appointment for installation next week, just to get it on the books while we wait. She attempted to do so, but then realized that their accounting system is not setup for this. If they were to send 2 cablecards, it assumes two TVs, and two installation fees.

    At this point, I'm waiting on her to contact Marketing and get back to me. I will try again tomorrow if I don't hear from her.

    If anyone has any advise on how to handle this... I'm all ears.
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    wpruitt New Member

    Sep 14, 2006
    How about this in Charleston, SC...

    $14.95/month for first card with $29.95 install and...
    $14.95/month for second card with $29.95 install

    They are not making any friends here.
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    SteelyJim New Member

    Apr 14, 2004
    Just curious, are the MOTO boxes in the same room? Is there a practical way to have two in the same room like TIVO can do?

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    mike300 New Member

    Apr 20, 2006


    Comcast - Minneapolis, Minnesota

    I went to the local office to turn in my Motorola DVR.

    There are no self installs. The person could not have cared less why I wanted the two cablecards. She never heard of the Tivo Series 3.

    They will charge me $4.95 x 2 per month because it is per outlet. One free outlet is included in a digital package (which I was already using). Try as I might to explain that the Tivo is "one device using one outlet", they didn't budge on the two outlet fees.

    Anyway, I guess when the multistream cards come out I can exchange the two cards for one and save $4.95/month.
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    sonicboom Member

    Sep 2, 2006
    After reading this thread, I decided to try calling the 1-800-COMCAST number instead of the customer support number listed on my bill.


    They got me to the right people in no time.

    Installation: $30.05
    CableCARD1: no charge
    CableCARD2: $2.75

    I also told them that I wanted to return my comcast HD STB. No problem there. The $8.95 STB fee will be removed from my bill.

    The truck rolls next Friday.

    I got all the standard disclaimers... cablecards are not two-way, no PPV, no VOD, but we have a DVR too. I simply said that I understand, and that i wasn't interested in using their system (didn't get into why).

    NOTE: I already had the digital silver package.
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    jfh3 Active Member

    Apr 15, 2004
    Denver area
    Denver area - waiting for confirmation, the 800 number folks said:

    No charge for the cable cards when installed in the first device used in a digital package. Didn't know what a Series 3 was, but when I explained it, said it should qualify.

    If I wanted cable cards for another device it would either be $4.95 or $6.95 per month. She first said $6.95 (because it's a digital outlet), but then said it might only be $4.95 (that's all she could find on additional cable card rental).

    So - for any digital cable package, both cards should be free.
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    rlcarr Member

    Jan 18, 2003
    Arlington, MA
    I assume that since you are getting two cards, multi-stream cards aren't available in the Boston area yet?
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    chsscgas Member

    Oct 27, 2003
    Charleston, SC
    I went by the Comcast office (Leeds Ave/Belle Oaks Drive) in N. Charleston inquiring about updating to the Digital Gold Advantage plan since I also get internet service through Comcast.

    At first they quoted it would be $14.95 a card but I pointed out that the package included the digital converter box so I shouldn't be charged for the first cablecard since I wouldn't be needing the converter box. The result is this:

    $29.95 install
    First cablecard free (included in Digital Gold package)
    2nd Cablecard $6.95
    Plus with the cablecards since they receive HD no additional $5 for HD.

    I also have to compliment the Customer Service Rep to call and get it right without me having to complain too hard.
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    jhurlbut Make the S3 Work!

    Sep 1, 2005
    Puyallup, WA
    Puyallup, WA (South of Seattle 35 miles)

    Called Comcast's 1-800 number yesterday. $16.95 trip charge, no charge for either cable card and no monthly fee. Also returning the POS Motorola box is no hassle, the tech will pick it up when he arrives next Friday.

    Now what do I do with this COOL Series 3 that I have in my grubby little hands until next Friday!? I just installed the batteries in the remote.

    BTW, Fry's in Renton, WA had 3 S3's in stock yesterday. I called and had them hold one for me until I could get there this morning to pick it up.

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    mickeymammoth New Member

    May 9, 2002
    Boulder, CO
    It's on the west side of 28th between Arapahoe and Canyon, in the same strip mall with Video Station. The woman I got didn't know anything about the Tivo series 3, but she knew what cable cards were and wasn't confused about anything. I even asked if there was an extra charge to get HD, and she said no.
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    atl Tivo

    atl Tivo New Member

    Apr 14, 2003
    I am completly amazed that comcast does not have ONE consitant plan for national cable card rollout. Amazing.
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    Jazhuis New Member

    Aug 30, 2006
    Plug an antenna into the jack and pick up local ATSC channels? ;)

    I'm hoping to hear some news somewhere about Comcast in Jacksonville, Florida. I don't want to order an S3 until I know what their situation is, and I don't want to call until I have an S3. Every time I talk to them, my blood pressure spikes. It's not healthy. :mad:
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    mwalker638 New Member

    Sep 14, 2006
    I just got off the phone with comcast (1-800-COMCAST) and the tech I talked to hadn't yet heard about the new Tivo Series 3. After explaining it to me - she said the charges
    would be:

    first card: free
    Hi-Def for first card: $5 a month
    second card: $6.95
    Hi-Def for second card: $5 a month

    I was surprised by being charged twice for hi-def. I explained that I these were going into a single device - but she said the charges were on a per card basis.

    Can anyone confirm or deny the above? If it should be different, how do we explain that to them?



    ps. I'm in the San Fancisco Area in California
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    wpruitt New Member

    Sep 14, 2006
    It seems to depend on who you talk to. I am waiting for a call back from a manager who was going to check with her supervisor. Not holding my breath.
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    dnorth12 Member

    Feb 10, 2005
    Mesquite Nevada
    Kent, WA - south of Seattle.

    Called 800-comcast and was told "We don't have cable cards for tivo and we can't provide them to you". "We do have cable cards for TV's and those we can get for you." I cited all the comments on this forum and she said I just talked to my supervisor and that is the answer. I said "Give me two of those TV cards".

    When she was setting up the appointment, she commented that she could get in trouble for sending the tech out for a cable card installation for a TIVO. So she had to make it for a TV install.

    $16.00 installation. Has to be installed by the tech. Cards are not available locally. Install date the 23rd of Sept.

    Why the different policies and answers in different market areas? I can understand flucuation in prices, but some seem rather extreme from free to $20 something a month.

    Am I correct in thinking that the TV card will be usable as a cable card in the Tivo?
    Do I need to call Comast back and cancel? Do I take back the S3 to Best Buy that I just picked up at lunchtime?

    Best Buy just got them in today and hadn't even put them on the shelf or made a sign for them. $870.00 out the door including tax. Checked with Circuit City and they said they won't be getting them in until mid October. This is at the Southcenter shopping mall in case anyone from Seattle area wants to know.
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    cheer Registered Offender

    Nov 13, 2005
    Gurnee, IL
    Not available anywhere yet, so far as I know.
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    sharding Member

    Feb 11, 2001
    You should be able to go into one of the Comcast offices (Redmond or North Seattle) to pick up your cable cards in person. Other people have said they've done that, and I've never had any problem picking up or dropping of stuff at the stores around here. They're much more lax about it than most other markets.
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    cheer Registered Offender

    Nov 13, 2005
    Gurnee, IL
    Since their pricing and packages vary, I'm not surprised that this does.

    Remember that Comcast is, in large part, a bunch of old regional MSOs cobbled together, and in some ways isn't totally integrated.
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    sTrey New Member

    Sep 11, 2002
    Hmm well I haven't posted enough for it to allow me to link to BellevueTivoFan's post on another thread, so I'll just give my similar experience in the greater Seattle area.

    I walked in to a Comcast store and walked out with 2 cable cards and a sheet with all the no-PPV etc. warnings and the phone # to call to activate the cards. They haven't charged me anything.

    They also claimed my cable bill would not change. I'm skeptical, and thinking we should all write again after we get our first post-S3 cable bills ;)

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