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    I have an RCA DVR-40 (upgraded drives) running 6.2. About 10 days ago I set up an Actor ARWL for Fischer, Jenna. I set it at #56 in the SP Mgr. "The Office" is #4 in the SP Mgr. In the To Do List for each Thursday's episode of "The Office" there has been the familiar double-checkmark indicating a SP.

    Yet, the last two eps of "The Office" ended up in the Fischer folder and only in the Fischer folder. Would someone be so kind as to point me to where I can find the reasoning for that? Is it just that "Fischer" is the first folder - alphabetically - in the now playing list the episode meets the criteria for? Thanks!

    Just for fun, I deleted the ARWL and turned "Groups" (folders) off in the Now Playing Options allowing all The Office eps to be seen together. I turned the Groups back on, and the Fischer folder was back with the last two eps. Oh, well.
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    I suspect that this is another symptom of the current SP/Wishlist problem.

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