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Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by Dan203, Sep 21, 2006.

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    rjom Member

    Feb 28, 2004
    Not sure if this is the correct place for this post, as it looks like everyone is talking about installation issues. My S3 has needed a reboot 2x this week to recapture the signal. This happens occasionally. I am concerned I might miss shows I want recorded. Why does this occur? Is there a fix, or do I just have to keep restarting? Sometimes, it just comes back after 5 or ten minutes. Rick
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    seant169 New Member

    Dec 8, 2007
    I live in Forney Texas near Dallas.

    I had trouble getting the cable cards for about 6 mths . Finally they brought me one out one day then brought another cable card another day.

    HURRAY they both work.

    Setup is simple. but suddenlink makes it hard because they dont communicate with their employees about how to activate and who activates.

    The cable cards do work good.

    Some of their channels on the high end ch 311 G4 tv has some compression issues. i can be verry bothersome.

    Finally I can love my tivo at another level. :up:
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    BigDuke6 New Member

    Dec 8, 2007
    I bought my first series 3/HD a couple of months ago. When I called to order the Cablecards, the "Customer Service" drone told me that "Cablecards do not work with HD". After a little poking around on the web, I figured out that this was simply not true. It might seem kind of obvious, but looking on the TiVo site, to make sure that a HD/Cablecard works with HD was a bit of an exercise in frustration.

    Finally, I figured it out on some discussion boards (they work just fine, save VOD), and called TWC back and scheduled an appointment. Installation was a breeze.

    Last week I got another Series 3/HD and called for an install. The Moxi box that I am replacing is SLOW, noisy, and runs HOT. (I don't fault the Moxi software, the box is just completely underpowered and poorly designed).

    Anyway, I had a sneaking suspicion when I made the appointment that something would go wrong. Call it "Cablecard paranoia", but I just think TWC thinks it's in their best interest to mess with Cablecard users.

    First however, I was pleasantly surprised, when they offered me a time-window for the installation (something that has never happened to me in my Cable TV past). But it all went south from there.

    My family was at home at the appointed hour, and once the window had open and closed, I called TWC. The CSR told me that the installer had been trying to contact me, except that my phone had not rung, there was no voicemail, my callerID log showed no calls, and I was within 10 feet of my front door for the entire time.

    I told the CSR that I was at home, waiting for the call, and there was no problems with my phone line. I was told that the installer would be there shortly.

    An hour later, I called back, and was told that the installer "could not contact me, and could not access my building". I was not happy. After waiting another 20 minutes to talk to a supervisor, I was offered $20 as recompense for my time and told that it was "too late to request a 'go back'", and that my install had to be rescheduled for another day.

    My question is this... does anyone else out there have similar stories? Am I just being paranoid, or does requesting a Cablecard automatically trip some kind of corporate "dirty tricks". I know that the Telco's did a pretty good job screwing independent DSL service providers by delivering such a low level of support that many customers just blamed the service provider and found Broadband in other ways.

    What do you think?
  4. SoonerOrLater

    SoonerOrLater Member

    Nov 8, 2004
    TWC Southern California (Calabasas, Agoura Hills):
    One Motorola M-Card: $1.72/month

    After 4 weeks and 4 technician visits, I finally have a working M-Card in my TiVo HD DVR.
    All previous techs (3rd party service companies) had brought S-Cards (although the work order specified M-Card) that were either not working properly, or the tech didn't know how to set them up with TiVo (or the TW tech at the call center didn't know).
    I kept getting conflicting responses from TW customer service: some were saying M-Cards were not available, others were saying they had received them. The 3rd party techs had never heard about M-Cards.
    In the end, it took a supervisor 1 hour to set it up (some HD channels were missing).

    But, now I have an M-Card that's working.

    Now, if TiVo could fix the video blackout bug...
  5. trlyka

    trlyka Member

    May 21, 2003
    I see a lot of posts regarding do-it-yourself cable card installs, cards not working....etc.

    I work for a cable company. I was able to do my own cable card installs only because I work here. Actually my husband did our S3 unit and I did my Mothers S3 unit. The techs have to call into our diapatch or Network operations department to read off numbers etc.... The general public does not have access to the departments that the techs call into. There are a lot of behind the scene changes going on to your account in order to get the cards to work properly.

    We use Motorola cards, and for some reason, we have a lot of problems with them. I think it's a similar situation for most cable cards/companies.

    I think I am the only person in my call center that owns Tivo units. It is not a component that there is training for, but you should never hear that the cable cards won't work in a Tivo.

    When we schedule an appointment for the cards, we have 1 person who will do the scheduling. She will ask what kind of TV the cards will be installed into. So I don't know that avoiding saying what it's for will help unless other cable companies don't bother asking this.

    It's a fairly new technology and when Tivo released the HD & S3 boxes, we were bombarded with calls for the cards. More and more techs are learning to install them, where as before, there were only a few techs that were trained to do it.

    I am hoping that there will be some sort of training on this so reps have a basic knowledge of Tivo. I have suggested this several times. Even just connecting the Tivo infared receivers to the cable box is something none of the reps can do to help a customer with Tivo.

    Just a little FYI :)
  6. johnnylundy

    johnnylundy New Member

    Feb 2, 2005
    It is a SINGLE PAGE that comes with the TiVo. I wouldn't even call it "training." If the installer techs would just lose the attitude and READ THE SINGLE PAGE AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS, then they would not make the stupid mistakes they make. Oh, and bring the card that was requested. Don't show up not knowing what you are there for - read the work order. If the work order is blank, call in before going to the house so that you appear to know what you are doing when you greet the customer. The information about which customer it is and what time the appointment is, is given at the exact same time that the purpose of the call is given, so it makes absolutely no sense that the address would be on the work order and the reason for the visit would not be. But somehow they manage to do this.
    They should not have to do that. That is a TiVo installation issue.

    With everything computerized these days, the fact that somebody has to call somebody else on a phone and read them numbers that they type into a computer just boggles the mind.

    Why not give the installers a laptop, and access to the customer database through the cable so they can just configure the cards themselves?
  7. artmail

    artmail New Member

    Dec 12, 2007
    I would like to start a thread for Astound Cable in Concord and Walnut Creek, California.
  8. maddox1001

    maddox1001 New Member

    Dec 26, 2007
  9. jilted

    jilted New Member

    Jan 21, 2008
    i just wanted to add my .02 worth:

    Charter would not let me take a cable card home and install myself... they said they had to send out a PROFESSIONAL to install it

    so... he showed up 3 hours late and...

    wait for it....


    i didn't immediately go up to the box and look i was politely letting him do his job he kept telling his dispatch that it still isnt working

    i finally went up to the box and noticed it right away and i said 'here's the problem dummy'

    yeah well... he wasn't nice to me after that

    glad they had a PROFESSIONAL come out to get me set up
  10. johnnylundy

    johnnylundy New Member

    Feb 2, 2005
    LOL - it just keeps getting worse and worse.

    I'm amazed he could even figure out how to start his truck to drive out there.
  11. AlexK777

    AlexK777 New Member

    Jan 20, 2008
    Called Time Warner in Austin. The cards are pretty cheap ($2.68 each), and I was planning to get 4 cards (2 Tivos). The rep was very friendly, but told me that it was $30 *per card* for the installation. It is bad enough they have to send a rep out in the first place, but this is totally ridiculous. I tried to protest, but no dice.
  12. CaseyK24

    CaseyK24 Member

    Apr 17, 2003
    With all the problems listed here I might as well chime in with a success story so people aren't too intimidated by the process. I have two HD Tivo's. The first install did not go well from Cablevision but it turned out to be a faulty slot 2 on the Tivo HD. Tivo sent me a new Tivo HD (bought from and I was able to activate the two cable cards over the phone - no second visit needed. They had left the cards when Tivo RMA'd the Tivo HD.

    Then bought a second Tivo HD - Cablevision came with three cards - first two seemed to work fine but they had trouble activating the second on their side so the installed put in the third one and no problems. Originally did not get the higher channels but called Cablevision and they took care of it right away through resending the signal.

    Right now have both working with all four tuners are really no problems - very very very slight pixelation sometimes but had that with the Cablevision box also and almost all recordings are perfect.

    If you are thinking of getting the Tivo HD - go for it - a little bit of setup as opposed to the Series 2 but not too bad and worth it.

  13. typer_126

    typer_126 New Member

    Jan 24, 2008
    Concord, CA
    Seconded. I have Astound coming out this Saturday to install the cards in my Series 3. I'm more than happy to report back, but I'd like to make sure it's in the appropriate spot.
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    DaBayer New Member

    Feb 1, 2008
    Can you scoop up the Insight stuff and drop it in an Insight thread?

    I'm dealing with Insight Louisville from Radcliff.
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    jjp007 New Member

    Feb 3, 2008
    I installed a S card into my Tivo HD and it was properly paired and worked for a few days then I realized I needed either another S card or an M Card. I got an M Card and tried to install that one but Comcast is having trouble getting it to authorize.
    Should I have done something to the Tivo before installing the second M Card? Resetting the box to the factory settings to prepare it for a new CC pairing?

    **edit, Comcast has finally got the M card working***
  17. daavo

    daavo New Member

    Feb 21, 2007
    Do Not Despair - reading all these negative posts you would think that problems are the norm - let me relay my story - i got my Series 3 about a year ago - it took two or three times to get it installed correctly on the first go round but once it they got it right the unit has worked flawlessly until last week when it seemed to lose reception on card #1 only - I called cablevision told them my cc #1 seemed to not be working - they sent a tech the next day - he swapped out the card for a new one - boom no problem. for those of you who might be having a problem don't worry it will probably go smoothly.
  18. smb56

    smb56 Member

    Dec 16, 2003
    Middle Georgia
    I have had Cable Cards for about 15 months now and Cox Cable Middle Ga. is getting ready for some really good HD upgrades over what we currently have. Needless to say, I can't get 3 of the new HD channels and called Cox Tech Support. Come to find out, they won't upgrade any existing Cable Card to the new channels as they are already in the field. I am waiting on a supervisor to call me back as I write this. With the amount of money I spend with Cox every month, I am expecting a whole lot better customer service than this.
  19. kiwi22

    kiwi22 New Member

    Jan 14, 2008
    Here's my problem...Comcast has told me that their cablecards simply do not work in my county. However, I have one that was installed by a contractor that gets half of the channels and I have one sitting in my tivo that has not been activated.

    I have all the numbers I need to give them if I decide to call. Should I just ask for an activation? If so, is it possible for them to resend a signal to my other card to get the other channels working? What are the buzz words I need to use? I don't want to spend hours on the phone with them like I did last time.
  20. trlyka

    trlyka Member

    May 21, 2003

    Did they say why the cable cards don't work in your county? It shouldn't matter where in the system you live, the cards should work, but I can't say for sure. I would want to know why that is. Unless there is some unwritten rule, I have never heard that a card won't work based on where you live.

    I myself have gone through missing channels a few times (very sparatic too) and no real valid reason. They just stop comning in. Also, my Mom had a black screen on both her cards until hits were sent. It's usually trial and error on getting them to work. Cable cards can be a real PITA and troubleshooting for them is limited from most customer service reps. Since I have Tivo and a total of 6 cards between my 2 units and my Moms unit, I have learned a little about what works and what doesn't.

    We have a seperate behind the scenes department that enters the card information in the system. Customer service reps don't have access to enter this information or change it. We can only see the card numbers and send hits as well as pair/unpair the cards. In a case that a customer removes the card(s) and the Host Data and Host ID numbers change, they need to be re entered. The numbers will usually change if you pull the card out of the Tivo. I don't think the techs tell customers not to remove the cards and I don't think a lot or reps know what to look for or how to ask you to check the numbers on the Tivo. If a customer calls with a cable card issue, I go as far as to call my internal department who will "work thier magic" since I am limited in what I can do for a customer. Most reps set up trouble calls and do very little troubleshooting simply because they are unfamiliar with the cards. Also, I find a lot of times a hit to the card will take a while to work. With a cable box it's almost instant to get missing channels, but with a cable card it seems to take a lot longer. Long enough to make you think it didn't work and then create a trouble call.

    If you are having a problem with your cards and call customer service........IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO TELL THE REP YOUR CARD NUMBERS AND CONFIRM THEY MATCH. Without the right information on both ends, the cards will never work right. Don't assume the information hasn't changed. Always have the rep check to make sure it matches.

    I can certainly understand the frustrations of everyone here. I am a cable card customer too. But I also work on the receiving end. Cable cards became very popular very fast. Especially with Tivo's HD boom. It was all we could do to get the installs done without a bunch of mistakes. Then we had so many on back order, customers were double mad that they had to wait. I don't know how it is in other cable systems, but we had a tough time keeing up with demand. We have just recently caught up on all the back orders :rolleyes:

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