OFA 8820 and Toshiba RS-TX20

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    I have the RS-TX20 device and it has no remote, I found a post about getting the 8820 which I did, but do not understand the steps needed to get this working, I have entered the codes mentioned but it does not seem to work. Please I need your help with getting the remote to work, what are the steps?

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    The same as with any TiVo remote, sine the TX20 uses a regular peanut. Try the "zero" code, 0618.
  3. Edmund

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    If the 8820 is the urc-8820b01 it has preset codes for tivo addreses 1-4:

    Address #1 SAT 1443,or PVR 0740
    #2 SAT 1444, or PVR 0745
    #3 SAT 1538, or PVR 1239
    #4 SAT 1539, or PVR 1240

    But if its the urc8820N, just has codes for address zero. :(

    For the missing commands you can use advanced codes for individual commands like STOP-00037. The 8820 uses 5 digit advanced codes.

    other commands can be found in this thread:


    To map the codes to keys:

    1. sat or pvr
    2. press and hold SET for two blinks
    3. enter 9 9 4
    4. tap SET for on blink
    5. enter 5 digit advanced code
    6. pick unused key

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