Of of a sudden V 53 error and channel loss Bolt OTA

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    My living room Tivo has worked perfectly for years, then all of a sudden I am not getting serveral channels. They are black, no sound and I get an error message V 53. I have a premier Tivo in another room that has always shared the same antanna via a splitter and it still receives all channels.

    I searched this forum and found some suggestions (change channels on the other tuners) but nothing seems to work.

    I live in the SF bay area and channels 2.x and 36.x are the effected stations. I think these are sister stations and may be sharing the same transmission towers.

    edited to add: Fixed

    I have been out of the country for 3 months and just returned, so I didn’t know when this started. But I just noticed this effects close to half of my channels.

    Any ideas?
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