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    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this, and if anyone has a theory as to what it’s all about (e.g., someone hacking into the TiVo servers or what have you and messing with things):

    Lately (and I guess it started after a recent daily update), I’ve noticed that the summaries for some movies and shows are a lttle…strange. One example is for the movie “Kick Ass” on Epix. After the genre, year, star rating, and cast list, just as for most movies, usually there’s the one- or two-sentence description; but in this case, it’s “Shut up. Kick ass.” And that’s it. It used to be a longer summary. And other movie summaries sound like the taglines for when the movies were advertised, like “John Q”: “Give a father no options and you leave him no choice.”; or “Ocean’s Twelve”: “Twelve is the new eleven.”; or “The Chronicles of Riddick”: “All the power in the universe can’t change destiny.”

    Some movies have a “normal” description, not this weird shortcut. And on my cable’s (Cox) listings, they’re all normal also, which leads me to believe it’s just a TiVo thing.

    The other odd thing is that for some movies, where the genre is something like “Comedy, Drama”, or “Action, Adventure”, or the like, some Action movies say “Action, Track and Field”. What the heck is that?! I can’t think of a specific example offhand, but I remember that one movie was sci-fi or something, and it had “Track and Field” in the listing. Something else is that when some movies do have their full listing, they’ll insert one of the actor’s names within the description when a phrase refers to that actor’s character (make sense…?). That’s new too, as far as I remember.

    So, is this just something that TiVo has decided to do? But if so, why is it only for certain listings, and not all of them? The shorter summary just seems lazy. And if it is hackers or something, shouldn’t someone notify TiVo about it? You’d think they’d have people monitoring that kind of thing, or double-checking the listings before they’re sent to everyone’s boxes. It all just seems strange to me…
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