Number 1 Single (the Lisa Loeb date show)

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by Cue-Ball, Jan 23, 2006.

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    Can't believe no-one's mentioned it. Lisa's sister SUCKS! (And not in the good way). God, I hate her. Strong words, but her attitude about the guy buying all that stuff for Lisa at The Container Store... WTF? The sister also had a crap attitude about Lisa even considering "going for it" and following the guy to L.A. Didn't she say something about it being "loserish" behavior?

    To me, the sister has come off as a hanger-on for the entire series. And if you heard her in interviews, she's one of those entertainer wannabees... Playing on a famous sibling's name.

    Other thoughts:

    1. Lisa didn't come off well a few year's ago on her Food Network show with Dweezil. She looked almost disinterested and Dweezil carried the show personality-wise. She redeems herself in "Number 1 Single."

    2. She might be one of the cutest women alive. I don't wanna do filthy things to her. I just wanna buy her a hot chocolate and hear stories about her childhood. Whoever said she'd be great to talk to is undoubtedly right.

    3. Damn, New York looks cool in this series. My wife and I are sitting on the couch in our beige suburban house in Phoenix and realizing .. although we're Lisa's age .. our lives couldn't be much more different. While ours are fine -- with 2 jobs, 2 kids, 2 cars and no free time -- hers seems like an everyday party. And while we're admiring her life, she's looking for a man so she can live ours. Crazy how the grass is always greener.

    (Thanks for indulging me in this long-winded post. We now rejoin your regularly scheduled thread, already in progress).
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    Now that you brought up Dweezil, I found it interesting that he was never mentioned. There wre some references to her just getting out of a 6 year relationship (with him), but they don't mention him directly, at all.

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